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Thread: For some reason.....

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2008-07-11 02:43:48
For some reason.....
My B13 sounds like a WRX......

I drove it to my GFs house with no problems, jumped into her car and went to a birthday party. When I get back to her house, I start my car and I noticed really quick that the motors running on less then 4 cylinders. I turn it off, turn it back on and same thing. I pop the hood, Push in my spark plug cables and tapped on my injectors with a screwdriver and nothing.

The drive home was powerless and down shifting was a waste of time. The motor couldn't slow the car down. It was pretty much rolled like if it was in neutral. Once home and the motor warm it idles @750RPM but once you give it gas, it sounds like a WRX. Idk know what could be wrong. Can anyone help me? Iv been looking for a new car and maybe this is the sunny telling me "Hey what about me?"

Its begging me for the VE.

Any and all help is appreciated.
2008-07-11 11:54:21
time to do a compression test
2008-07-11 16:41:18
Yeah I was hopping it wouldn't come to that.....But how can it be? It ran perfectly 3hrs ago then all of a sudden it has a compresson leak? I know the car hasn't over heated. So the head gasket can't be it.
I got a new set of spark plug wires that came with the car when I bought it. Probably slap them on and see what happens.
2008-07-11 16:46:48
Could be any number of things really, best way to find out is just start checking and ruling stuff out.
2008-07-11 16:52:24
unplug each injector clip one at a time and lisen for the motor to change. if you take one out and the motor does not change in idle then its your injector..

do the same with the sparkplugs wires.. take one off at a time and see what the motors does..

the samething happen to me. i would turn my car on and it would have no power. i would mess around with the spark plugs and it would run fine just for 30 minutes later it would have no power... i did the injector test and the 3rd injector was not working.. change the whole rail(its easyer to change the whole rail then to change one injector) and its been running fine ever since...
2008-07-11 16:52:26
..........I think it might be time for the VE.....lol

Ill have to start checking everything when I get home from work.
2008-07-11 17:02:39
Maybe threw a rocker some how, and didn't know it? This happened to me in Indiana, I was driving normal when it happened. I had been more spirited the day before though, then came out the hotel the next morning and voila, WRX wannabe. Worth a shot? Good luck.

2008-07-11 17:17:35
Ohh man I hope its not a thrown rocker. Iv already spit two out and broken one.
2008-07-11 17:19:28
did you do the injector test yet?
2008-07-11 17:40:00
I'm at work right now. Ill do it once I get home.
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