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Thread: Potentially stupid question: EGR solenoid and/or water temp sensor

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2016-12-06 01:19:07
Potentially stupid question: EGR solenoid and/or water temp sensor
OK, so I just noticed after driving the car for year that the water temp sensor (not sender) was cut at the harness. Its driven fine as far as I can tell.

So i notice that the solenoid above the throttle body (AIV or EGR?) has the same harness. So I cut it and put it on the water temp sensor. (and insulated the cut ends)

Now the car want to die, mainly when warm.

I just replaced all the belts, crank pulley...and my battery is OLD.


Stupid question...does cutting the solenoid throw the ECU off? I'm guessing yes. I've read that the water temp sensor does not have polarity, so I don't *think* I could have wired that backwards. But who knows at this point.

Be gentle.
2016-12-06 04:21:37
I believe 1 is power an 1 is signal and it grounds thru the threads.. don't quote me tho..

Take a multi meter out there an see..

What gets me tho is how did the car not over heat? Were the fans on all the time?

Hook up a consult an see what temp the ecu is seeing
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2016-12-06 15:31:23
Yeah, I just put it back the way it was. Haven't tested it out yet. I've got a greddy informeter that'll give me realtime temps so I'll check that out. Thanks for the reply!
2016-12-20 01:05:01
Put it back how it was.
And fix the water sender with another harness if needed.
The thermostat probably was stuck open. Does your heat work?
2016-12-30 06:54:03
I put it back the way it was, meaning reconnected the EGR solenoid harness.

Then I added back the water temp sensor harness from a junkyard B13. And also replaced the o2 sensor.

Good as gold now, starts up and runs like a champ! Now it won't run rich like (I think) it was.
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