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Thread: Cheapest places to find alternative widebands

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2016-11-11 20:26:35
Cheapest places to find alternative widebands
Looking for a new 4.2 wideband for my aem unit. has the lever/clamp type connector btw..

Whats the cheapest places you guys know?

I know 4.9 or whatever is the new wideband used now but I got the old one. I might transfer this to my other car and upgrade to the new aem x series but for now I'm just replacing the sensor

Others can post on places to get widebands for other units too.

Lets make this a sticky thread for widebands!

2016-11-11 22:46:46
I go to amazon $60
2016-11-11 23:08:08
I bought one from fleabay the knockoff $60 ones. It worked ok but I didn't test it against another to see how accurate it was. I sold it off later and put a LSU 4.9 AEM in and liked it so much I changed all of my cars over. Only time will tell if the LSU 4.9 lifespan is what they say it is. But I do know I would only get 1 maybe 2 seasons out of the old ones.
2016-11-12 00:35:24
Can we post part numbers too please

and Y2K, did you switch whole units or can we re-pin to use the 4.9 sensors as they are now cheaper than 4.2 sensor?
2016-11-12 03:35:18
Autozone, bosh part # 17018.
I believe I paid around $60 with 1 year warranty. So if you sensor goes bad all you do is take it back and you get a new sensor or if you have bad ones laying around you could warranty them as well lol.
2016-11-12 04:00:07
once my 4.2 dies, i'm going 4.9. better option imo
2016-11-12 04:20:16
4.2 is a waste of time and money these days. And they are not as accurate nor as responsive as the 4.9 units.
2016-11-12 05:43:36
Have to change the whole thing. They work totally different from the old school ones. Like nissanegg said wayyy more accurate. If it gets anywhere close to 10+ years use I'll be real happy. I bought my last 2x AEM x300 setups for $179 each and got $120 out of my old ones so it was a easy choice.
2016-11-12 17:53:39
I run race gas and m5 methanol on all my cars so my sensors always die prematurely. I can't go wrong with the 1 year warranty lol.

Do you guys think the 4.9 unit will last longer given my circumstances?
2016-11-12 20:19:37
Probably depends how much methanol you run. I have heard meth is bad on o2 sensors but that is on the straight meth cars. I have only used gas and up to 66% ethanol on the 4.9 LSU.
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