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Thread: is it true?

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2008-07-09 23:57:54
Plus 1 on punctuation. I get this not being an english class, and I get I'm not the best speller or user of proper punctuation, but reading this kind of post sucks. Not only does it make answering YOUR questions difficult, but more importantly, it makes me wonder why I should try and answer a technical question for someone that does not understand the most rudimentry parts of the media with witch he chooses to ask it.
2008-07-10 00:21:23
To sum up. This guy has a RWD Sr20 he's trying to put into his Altima. He's also trying to keep his altima tranny and mate it up to his DET using a SR20 Bell housing.

To the original poster. You have a lot of information mixed up between FWD and RWD setups. For FWD the AWD DET's are what you want. They bolt up with some minor work to the oil pan. As for using a Altima tranny. I'd think it might be possible if the Bluebird SSS attessa or Pulsar Gti-R used the same style trans.
2008-07-10 00:21:51
You guys need to relax. Half of you don't even know how to even help the guy, but still choose to come in here and flame on him.

To the OP, using the s13's det is alittle pain in the ass. Your best bet is to sell it and get one from a bluebird (the equivelent to the altima, same U13 chasis code). The engine mounts aren't that hard to do for the conversion. The biggest problem is the rear mount and fitting up the crossmember properly for the dog bone mount.

You can also use back your altima engine harness because its basically the same as the fwd sr20's harness.

If you have a SE Altima then that transmission is stronger than the fwd sr20's and I have seen some people use it in the past. Not sure how they pulled it off, but I do know that some of the fwd bluebirds that came with the sr20de had the same trans as the SE Altima but different bellhousings. I'm sure other members here can shead some light on that.

Ok, I'm done typing have to catch a flt. Hope all turn out well for you and good luck!
2008-07-10 02:45:45
Originally Posted by Super
You guys need to relax. Half of you don't even know how to even help the guy, but still choose to come in here and flame on him.

Ask an intelligent question, get an intelligent answer, Ask a stupid, hard to read, no idea what you are doing, obviously no research, and get stupid answers. If you remember the other forum this is what happened all the time, just pointless stupid posts that should not even exist. And my first post that somehow got deleted was just saying he should get some help because he obviously needs it.

And i am relaxed, just dont like reading things that make me dumber.
2008-07-10 03:21:56
Here's the definitive answer:

No, you can't put a RWD SR into your FWD car.

The mounts are wrong (the ones that are there are in the wrong places, and there's no provision on the RWD motor for the passenger-side mount), the tranny (even the SE-R tranny) will NOT bolt up, the intake manifold will point the wrong way, the wiring is all wrong, etc etc etc. I could go on. Honestly, this isn't a call-out, but I'm not sure where Super X is getting that info. The FWD and RWD blocks are slightly different castings, and just aren't meant for interchange.

Now, if you've got an unlimited budget, have at it, but it'll be much easier to sell your RWD engine and buy a Bluebird or Avenir setup. I have owned both FWD and RWD SR cars, and I've worked on FWD and RWD KA cars, and this project in my opinion is doomed.

You have a LOT of reading to do. Good luck.
2008-07-10 13:13:40
Note to self:

Best idea evar: Buy stuff and research it afterwards!

Your best bet is that is you already have the motor, go pick up a cheap S13 shell and drop it into that.
2008-07-10 14:17:48
pics please i want to see this
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