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Thread: Here is a cool article z32 with SR

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2016-06-27 01:24:10
Here is a cool article z32 with SR
Project SRZ32 ? Nissan Race Shop
2016-06-27 01:34:34
Nice improvement.
2016-07-07 04:45:33
Great read. Thank you for sharing.
2016-07-07 18:03:52
I am on the fence about this. VG has way more potential than SR could ever to hope to have. I would like to see how this setup really pans out on a road course.

I feel like the guy did this because he was either scared of working on the VG or a bandwagon-doer as evidenced by the RB/JZ swaps too.
2016-07-07 18:32:28
Fuck working on a VG anything lol . And considering you have two of everything, I would surmise that a SR car would be significantly more straight forward to campaign than any VG.

Considering how much heat turbo cars generate, no thanks to the VG.

Source: Tracked the EFR powered SR S14 last year 8-10 times alone, with one session being 100+ degree day with 90% humidity for the entire day. I lost 5-10 lbs that day alone (water weight in the form of sweat) over the course of 4 20 min sessions. No way in hell I would want to campaign a cramped to shit VG that has two of everything........ESPECIALLY two more heat blowers and heat generators (turbines housing are great for this), downpipes, exhaust manifolds, etc. Also, the VG is a cast iron block.......the weight savings alone and balance would be great improved with a SR swap. An easy 2-400 lbs off the nose alone. Yep, you can ceramic coat and wrap everything in fiberglass, but it is still two of everything (two turbo coolant circuits....ugh! Reminds me of the stock RB twin setup)

In my years of track driving, I have yet to see a reliable VG. An ex IMSA car that was powered by a VG (300ZX from the Millen days) actually went to a modern VQ37 as they couldn't keep the VG together for extended periods. I have pictures of the said car on my HD.

I know of one successful guy who tracks his car in PA (a red Z). I think he had a wreck last year and has since fixed and returned to the track.

Also, I have watched the guys build. He went from a VG, to SR. He attempted a 2JZ, but the front sump situation would not have been ideal

300ZX SR Build
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2016-07-07 19:22:16
Proof is in the pudding

Here is a swap kit (I was eyeing this) that comes in @ ~ 2850 lbs with full ac, stereo and ancillaries. Comparable weight to fully loaded SR swapped S14 (mine weighted in @ 3105lbs with me in it and 3/4 tank of gas and AC, PW, everything and I weigh 205 lbs)

300ZX SR20 swap kit

Timeless looks of the Z with a reliable 400WHP SR20DET and 2843 lbs is a FAST car on track!!!

Look how much more room is in the engine bay!! (and yes, that is a small African tribe sitting by the brake booster......if you have to ask )

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2016-07-07 19:28:34
I flipping hate how little room is in the Z32 engine bay with the OEM engine. SR20 looks way better in there.
2016-07-08 00:21:03
Originally Posted by Boostlee

Timeless looks of the Z with a reliable 400WHP SR20DET ...

2016-07-08 01:51:16
Alot of people can work on the sr. Not everybody is a nissan tech!!! NissanEGG is the man I call for advice boys.
I actually would love to do this swap/
2016-07-08 16:35:32
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