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Thread: Can't set timing past 10deg. Huh?

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2016-05-30 01:08:21
Can't set timing past 10deg. Huh?
Has anyone seen this problem before?

On the NX I got a few weeks ago, I tried to check timing a while back and couldn't even see he marks.

I bought a new timing light (the other was very old), and now I see them, but I can crank the distributor as far as it will go towards the front of the car, and the highest it reads is 10 degrees.

It's stable too, so I know I'm in timing mode. Plus I've got the idle set to around 900rpms (as low as it will go).

Could this be a weird timing chain replacement issue? Or...?
2016-05-30 02:05:29
Are you sure the pulley hasn't slipped the outer portion thereby making the timing marks useless?
2016-05-30 02:20:16
Most definitley the crank pulley separated. It goes from being a pain in the arse to set the timing to the extreme of the out edge of the pulley literally flying off your car when your driving. Happened to me.

Solution is to get a G-Spec crank pulley and then set timing
2016-05-30 05:22:27
Well crap. Thanks, I had never heard of that.
2016-05-30 12:57:17
Before you go get a new pulley, test it first:

-Remove Cyl1 sparkplug
-Stick a long stick/extension down the cylinder
-Rotate engine by hand, until you reach TDC (you will know when the stick is highest)
-Verify marks on pulley
2016-05-30 17:05:46
^^^ good call
2016-05-30 17:07:53
Well the great thing about being a Texas/TN car is the complete lack of rust anywhere.

The bad thing is a lot of the rubber looks like it has endured the sweltering sun much more than any other car I've owned. So I wouldn't doubt the separator/insulator being a little rotted.
2016-05-30 19:02:39
That would be my first suspicion as well, but as dala pointed out, checking if the marks line up with TDC is free and will ensure you are not wasting money on a potentially good (though unlikely) part
2016-05-30 20:00:49
Although, OP look on the bright side, if you do need a new crank pulley, a lightweight G-Spec will free up 2-4HP
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