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Thread: Speedo sensor swap issue

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2016-04-23 08:44:04
Speedo sensor swap issue
So I just swapped my '92 tranny into my '93(5th gear pop out, YAY!). From what i understand, I should just be able to straight swap the '92 speedo sensor(mechanical) out for the '93(electric). Well when pulling the electric sensor, I busted it all to hell, so i replaced it with this https://www.am-autoparts.com/Nissan/Sentra/vehicle-speed-sensor/AM-30847192/449459.html?gclid=CjwKEAjwuuy4BRCvs43g9fX9mz4SJACiYydPtDrj4zQRRpxyOL7z6C7bx8Khc44A0CkOzA_vOi1g4xoCFYvw_wcB. Anyway so now its all back together and the speedometer is reading the sensor, except that it thinks that i'm doing 60mph when i'm going about 25mph. So is something else crazy going on, or is this sensor a raging pile of dumpster fire? Any help is appreciated, thx.
2016-04-24 08:16:46
You got the wrong one. They are two types, one that output twice the pulses (which you accidentally purchased) and one normal.

The double pulse version is used for digiclusters
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