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Thread: Whare are the symptoms of a bad transmission mount? (AND LESSON LEARNED INSIDE)

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2016-04-15 14:05:23
Ha, whats funny is, ^^ Todd you drove my car once and drove it fine. You know your SR20's. I should rephrase my original post, I will only led SE-RMonkey drive my car. Haha. And maybe some of you others. DEF not a guy who hasn't had an SE-R in 15 years. I am such an idiot, but I said "oh it's two blocks, what can go wrong?" :???:
2016-04-15 14:17:31
I'm totally down for not letting people drive my car.. my wife don't even drive my car lol..

But in fairness maybe it would have happened anyway, or he found a weak spot.. Or something wasn't done right by the previous owner.. I hate buying other people's projects, and as I'm getting older I'm starting to prefer to work on my car solo.. I mean yeah I got friends around to hand tools or pass the pipe but when it comes to lining shit up and tightening stuff I'd rather do it myself.
2016-04-15 14:25:07
Yeah that's true. I baby the hell out of that thing though, never even shift fast in quick jaunts, ugh.
2016-04-15 14:28:41
I drive my cars like I stole em usually.. if something breaks it was probably a weak spot lol, opportunity for upgrade..

But seriously you need to get under there an look around bro.. all we can do is guess from here, nothin we say will fix the problem, it's up to you.
2016-04-15 14:29:27
I'm going under there in a little bit as soon as it warms up here. Supposed to be 70 today but its like 50 out now

I will take a lot of pics and post them here
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2016-04-15 15:24:59
Hey guys, from GSpec.com, which of these is the trans mount?

2016-04-15 15:30:14
It's next to the one on the left
2016-04-15 15:46:16
I think that Nissan calls the mount that's actually on top of the tranny the rear mount. The one that is at the rear of the crossmember by the shift linkage is called something else. But without checking the FSM I'm not sure. For the above pic, I'm not sure which one this would be, possibly the lower left one? The two on the right look pretty similar (may actually be the same part #, codes are too fuzzy), but the passenger side engine mount and the driver's side tranny mount both look pretty similar as I recall.

I'd actually look at the front dogbone first, when that one is worn, the engine will rock back and forth a lot when you rev it, and you will have some movement in the shifter. This sounds like what you've got going on. Next most likely is the mount at the rear of the crossmember by the shift linkage. I don't think the one on top of the tranny would cause what you are describing.

It's also quite possible the clutch may be having issues as has already been mentioned, unless you pull it, no way to know for sure, but it does sound like something in there may be going out, if not already gone.

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Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
It's next to the one on the left

There are only four, they are ALL next to the one on the left. LOL
2016-04-15 16:01:12
The 2 on the right are for driver side and rear mounts.. don't just do 1 do them all.. regardless..
2016-04-15 16:10:08
SOOOO I have a curve ball to throw all of you! I was just under the car inspecting the mounts for a good 10 minutes. They all looked fine! I didn't see anything wrong with them so I started looking around for what else it could be. Then, staring right down at me, which I had overlooked (since I was focused on the mounts) was THIS:

F'in cross member broke!
Since the cross member supports the trans (and thus motor too) - that makes sense why I'm getting all this shuddering around and why I thought it was a broken mount.

I suppose this is better than a mount, the mounts honestly look perfect, and the rear trans mount is a full Prothane. Surely my friend driving it didn't cause ALL of that damage, and it was already on it's way out, but him dumping the clutch at 6000RPM and slamming on and off the FX500 to pull into traffic finally sealed the deal.
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