Help me diagnose these transmission noises

Thread: Help me diagnose these transmission noises

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2016-03-23 19:17:44
Help me diagnose these transmission noises
Okay I just want to know primarily do I need a new transmission or how long is this going to last me or what should I replace & stuff...

This it how it sounds at start up i'm guessing a starter or throw out bearing issue ?


This started happening about two days, I was just playing with the gears at a stop & notice going into 5th wasn't letting me or it was very VERY hard to engage into it & it was making this noise. This also happens when I try to down shift into 3rd & 2nd it feels like something is stuck in the way from letting me get into gear even at very low speeds like 15-30mph


This happens when I start off from 1st & the most when I'm in reverse. Happens very slightly going into gears. & even when the clutch is fully depressed it feels like somehow before I left off the clutch the car is engaged in gear as if I left off the clutch but technically I'm still in neutral if you get what I mean


Also when switching gears the car does buck somewhat but the car isn't tuned yet & I found out the guy i bought the car FOR SOME REASON UNKNOWN ran the car without the front engine mount..... so that's on its way in. I also will be doing crossmember bushings, shifter stabalizer mount, tranny flush & replacing the shifter rod seal. I just want know what else I should be doing since I'll be going in that area soon
2016-03-23 19:52:49
First one sounds like the stated is staying engaged a little too long. Can try to tap it with a hammer. Best to take it out and inspect/crank the car over see what it does. Throw out bearing would rattle the whole time if the clutch wasn't pressed

Second seems like 5th gear popout issues

If it was me I would drop the trans and check out your clutch setup
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