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Thread: Battery kill switch removal help....?

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2016-03-17 22:23:57
the wood is a good fire starter too

there's a reason that breaker was tripping and dont want you to find out on the road
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2016-03-17 22:49:53
Better than bolting it to the chassis no? I suppose a nice thick piece of rubber would work best but I don't have that around at the moment.

Just to make sure I will pull out the positive cable from the bay/interior/trunk and inspect it tomorrow before starting it again.
2016-03-17 22:57:19
you dont need to pull it out. use a volt meter like said earlier in this thread

takes a lot less time

distribution block has plastic around it on top and bottom so no need for your kindling in the engine bay
2016-03-17 23:13:19
First place I would check the positive cable to the trunk is wherever it passes through the body.
2016-03-18 00:44:00
Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
First place I would check the positive cable to the trunk is wherever it passes through the body.

Yep, doing this tomorrow. What should I be looking for that would cause a short? Crimped or bare wire exposed ?
2016-03-18 01:46:13
Bare/exposed. Pay close attention where it passes through or is against anything metal. If it was shorting to ground it'll look burnt at the point of contact.
2016-03-18 02:07:50
How about putting the battery back where it belongs?!?! What's so important in your engine bay that it can't be there?

My shits boosted an there's not very much room, and yet, some how, as if by some form of slut magic, my full size battery fits...
2016-03-18 02:16:02
^^ I dunno. Car has the Summit battery trunk relocation kit paired w/ an Odyssey P-680 battery. Would be tough to secure such a small battery up front (it's basically a motorcycle battery)
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2016-03-18 02:21:43
Not really...

Example http://www.sr20-forum.com/general-sr20/12949-odyssey-battery-mount-pictures-request.html
2016-03-18 02:28:53
Wow very nice! Never thought of turning it on it's side like that. Will check out
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