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Thread: B13 Sr20de No Start. Spark, fuel injectors don't fire.

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2016-03-02 22:56:42
B13 Sr20de No Start. Spark, fuel injectors don't fire.
Hello I have a annoying problem on my SE-R. I just bought it for $250. Changed the valves, corrected timing etc. It has spark and fuel to the rail but the injectors won't spray any fuel. What can cause this? The connector on the IACV is broke off. I need help ASAP! Thanks! Also it somewhat starts on starting fluid.
2016-03-02 23:11:53
First off, do you mean you purchased the entire car for $250 or just the motor? If it was the car itself, I assume it was sold for so cheap because of these issues..
2016-03-02 23:15:36
I bought the whole car for that. Clean interior, tsuru front and rear. The owner wasnt mechanically inclined. So I offered. It didn't start before because bent valves. When i first tried starting it the fuel injectors actually fired. Don't know what I messed up. The grounds on the intake are there
2016-03-02 23:20:54
Wow $250 for the entire car! Thats quite a deal. Are you getting voltage to the injectors? Check continuity from the ECU to them? I believe that if the start signal doesn't get +12V, they won't fire. Does the fuel pump prime? Oh and make sure the fuel lines aren't reversed, I don't know if you messed with them or not (don't think you did)
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2016-03-02 23:48:38
Fuel lines are correct. Pump primes. Has 42ish psi in the lines. How do I check continuity?,
2016-03-02 23:53:26
Do you have a multimeter?
2016-03-02 23:57:33
Yes I do.
2016-03-03 00:05:03
Originally Posted by Project
Yes I do.

I found this video, maybe this will help:

Of course that's not an SR20, but can give you a general idea. I'm sure someone else here can explain it better
2016-03-03 00:22:19
Alls I know is the injectors are new and good, but there is a Sensor somewhere causing no signal to goto the injectors.
2016-03-03 07:10:00
The injectors are all at 14.5 ohms. Will check connector next
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