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Thread: Knock sensor code (34) on a sr20ve

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2016-02-05 14:29:50
That just tells us that the knock sensor isn't the cause for your problems.

Please record a log, with the engine running roughly while idling, and attach it here.
2016-02-05 15:30:20
Ok will do thanks

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2016-02-06 01:31:31
Update so i ended up figuring out my problem my distributor connector had an isalotor where you slide the 2 together that was preventing the clip from locking them in and it mangaed to just slightly walk it self back enough to to not make the best connection but still lookong like it was plugged in so i fixed that and i still had the idle errattic issue clean the aacv and it seemed to smooth it self out as for the knock sensor code it will only go off when i disable the knock senor so i think my best to bet to beat that code would be to try a new sensor

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2016-02-06 01:35:32
Is the engine light still coming on?

As I said before, the knock "code" is fairly normal for our cars an I wouldn't worry about it too much.. if the light stays on just uncheck it from the DTC menu
2016-02-11 01:31:12
Yes the knock code still exists im getting reading from my nemu but as long as the knock sensor is enabled the light remains solid

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2016-02-11 01:32:33
If you take a look in the tuning section on the main page i posted three videos as to what my car is doing it was fine for a bit but then regressed so i put up a video of what i found out lmk what you think

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