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Thread: Installed my 3" SS BRM Catback (P10 SR230VE): Video with Fitment and Sound

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2016-02-02 04:24:34
Installed my 3" SS BRM Catback (P10 SR230VE): Video with Fitment and Sound
I put together a quick video of my newly installed BRM catback exhaust on my VE P10. Did my best to record different sound scenarios so anyone looking for an exhaust has an idea of what a SS 3" catback sounds like on a stock VE.

2016-02-02 05:45:44
That does have a really nice tone to it.

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2016-02-02 18:48:26
Sounds great, great video too.

1 recommendation, get rid of the exhaust clamp and get a band clamp.
2016-02-02 18:59:18
Thanks! And I was actually going to just weld it together. Just did the clamp for the video because that is what they supply. Ha ha
2016-02-03 00:09:32
Sounds pretty good..

the key to getting rid of the bees is a bigger muffler and resonator.. I opted for the 18" magnaflow over the 14" and I got the bigger resonator also.. some of my friends got the smaller ones and they sound ok but they are a tad louder and have a lil bit of the bees

I think the off set muffler might also help in your case with keeping the noise down a bit.
2016-02-03 00:37:47
Yeah, I got the largest resonator and muffler they had for my options with a SS 3" catback, ha ha.
2016-02-03 00:43:02
Well it def sounds better than a lot of cars I've heard lol
2016-02-03 21:34:00
They have larger resonators to fit but most vendors are too lazy to even entertain the idea of getting a larger resonator.

This fits under the B14 chassis with a cat converter.

Sounds nice at idle and low-load free-revving except for the bee can noise at the end. I have placed my noise-quelling adventure on hold for now. I have a larger muffler but have not installed that. Nice P10, also.
2016-02-03 21:53:01
I think that's about as long as my res kyle.. but mine looks different, more smooth/bullet shaped.. in fact I think mine is a "glass pack" I also think mine is 6" around..
2016-02-03 22:11:30
I'm pretty sure I went with the 4" x 18" w/ 3"Ø version of what you posted up @Kyle. I'd have to measure it to be sure though.
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