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Thread: Bang For Your Buck Platform

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2016-01-12 04:45:56
Bang For Your Buck Platform
So I lucked into a great 350Z deal a few months ago. I've been recently looking into Z33 performance/track parts. They are damn expensive!!! I can get a B13 Shell with the engine and trans still in it for the same money a set of Z33 Brembo calipers goes for.

For maybe 5-6K I can turn a B13 shell into an overachieving track car. With some turbo power I'd be able to hold off many a Z33 for quite a bit before money and architecture strengths would just catch up to the turbo B13.

I'm just writing this to promote how awesome our platform can be. There are limitations to the B13, but considering what you can achieve with what you get from the factory it's a hell of a car.
2016-01-13 02:33:38
yes...Z33/G35s are not cheap by all means (I learned that after I got my G) and look at me...I came BACK to the b13 fun. Wish I never changed. A lot of the limitations seem to be more limited themselves now a days. haha. and with the VE's life/support...helped push these platform to another level back mid 2000's.
2016-01-17 00:53:44
Could not agree more.
2016-05-27 23:46:23
Just thought I'd add some more.

This forum and B13 community feel more hardcore and knowledgeable than the Z33 guys. Thumbs up for that!

I read some of the posts over on the 350 forums and some of them make me shake my head. Too many of the posts slant clueless, ricer, dorifto, or stance nation. This forum and the early original forum are definitely great places to learn about trouble shooting and technical solutions.

It's a shame the B13 wasn't offered in rwd. If it was I don't think I'd ever get the urge to try out a different platform.
2016-05-29 04:13:35
Go to Z1 Motorsports for all your Z needs. Those guys are very knowledgeable about the cars and develop some serious parts for them. They even campaign a few Zs in the Z racing series and can extract some serious numbers from them and can tell you exactly which parts you need for your goals. They will even tell you to not listen to the people on the forums as there are some serious dumbasses there.
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