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Thread: Bulb / lamp part numbers B13 NX

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2015-12-13 01:04:54
Bulb / lamp part numbers B13 NX
turn siganls = 1156
front side marker = 194
rear turn signal = 1156
stop /tail = 1157
backup = 1156
rear side marker = 194
high mount stop = 921
headlamps are 9004

If you know more add them.

@BenFenner ... manifesto?
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2015-12-13 19:41:52
Rear license plate bulbs - 67
2015-12-14 13:59:04
Replacement bulbs for the switches (ie. defrost, fog, hazard, cruise, dimmer) are 272-1092 from Radio Shack...easy to replace.

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2015-12-14 21:15:30
Gauge cluster 194 three bulbs
HVAC 194 one bulb
Cigarette lighter 74 one bulb
2015-12-21 22:27:01
Found another thread:


Attempting to LED-ify my 1993 NX2000
First I had the idea of replacing my dome light with a submarine-like red bulb. Then I found Super Bright LEDs and thought it'd be cool to add red accent lights under the dash and/or seats. Now I've decided to replace every bulb in the car with LEDs, including red ones for almost every interior bulb.

I've spent hours searching around for bulb types but nothing seemed as reliable as tearing the dashboard off and looking. I didn't have to take the dash off, only the console and instrument cluster, and I didn't need to remove the steering wheel like some instructions. Here are all of the bulbs I found in my 1993 Nissan NX2000:

----- -----------
trunk 1 x 10mm wedge
tail 4 x 1157
backup 2 x 1156
rear flash 2 x 1156
brake 2 x 921 (wedge)
dome 1 x 30mm festoon
rear sidemarkers 2 x 194 (wedge, 45º)
front sidemarkers 2 x 194 (wedge, 45º)
front flash 2 x 1156
license plate 2 x 89 (wedge)
instruments 4 x 158/156
haz/def/fog switches 4 x T8

The lights in the stock stereo are soldered LEDs, but I don't turn the thing on anyway.

There wasn't much good information when I searched for things like "replacing 1993 nissan instrument cluster" or "1993 nx2000 replace stereo," so I'll take some pictures next time I tear everything apart. I spent a few hours scratching my head about how to remove the various panels without causing damage.

Here's my shopping list for http://www.superbrightleds.com/:

1 x WLED-WHP (trunk)
1 x 3022-R9 (dome)
4 x 1156-R24 Narrow (tail)
2 x 1156-W24 Wide (backup)
2 x 921-R12 (brake)
2 x 67-W9 (license plate)
2 x WLED-R4 (rear sidemarkers)
2 x WLED-A4 (front sidemarkers)
1 x CF13JL-02 (replacement flasher unit)
4 x 1156-A24 Wide (front & rear flashers)
4 x 74-RHP (instrument cluster)
4 x T1.5-R (switches)
4 x ALM-B-x6 Red (under seats/dash)
2 x Spotlight Rechargable LED light

Maybe it's cool, maybe it's cheesy — whatever. I hope this info is useful to someone.
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