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Thread: Hard start issue

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2015-11-23 02:43:05
Hard start issue
So my car (92 highport se-r with a jdm swap) always takes some cranks and usually a few pumps of the gas to get it to start. It will then usually start, then die, then I turn it over about 2-3 times and it will finally keep itself running. Then if I go to start it again within a few hours it usually starts just fine as well.

Now here's the other thing, any time I've gone back to the car after it was sitting 3 days or more, it would fire right up like a normal car would.

Is this triggering anything from anyone? It's kind of a weird problem to diagnose by searching because it's not a hard start when it's warm (most people's issue apparently), and it's not a hard start when it's cold outside just a "cold" engine.

A few things to note, but of course I'm willing to try any suggestions:
Fuel pump and pressure to fuel line is good, I've tried turning the key to acc 3-4 times fully letting the fuel pump cycle and it still has the same issue, so it's definitely getting fuel.
If I hold the pedal to the floor (clear flood), it might start, but then kinda farts/backfires in the downpipe area a bit, and just doesn't give me a very good feeling, so I try not to do that, feeling like I might be damaging the cat.
If I start it and don't let it warm up it wants to die once I start to drive it (idle dips), and it will lose power after about 2000 rpms and dip, then pick back up jerking pretty bad (like a car running out of gas), but it WILL power through it and go, but if I mash the pedal to the floor it'll just bog.
Also, this is the same car I just posted about that is missing/has a faulty EGR control solenoid, could that be the issue? (I know it CAN but has anyone else run into this. I'm planning to switch it out, but as you know, it's buried behind the intake mani and a bitch to get to, so it'll be a little longer before I have a day to tear it all down and get at it.)

Any ideas and questions are welcome. I've tried a bunch of things so I can respond quick to any suggestions. Thanks in advance guys!
2015-12-19 01:21:12
Switched out the Coolant Temp Sensor and now it starts and runs as it should, just in case anyone ends up here with a similar issue.
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