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Thread: Bed Liner In Aerosol? Users please look inside.

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2008-07-04 16:26:08
Bed Liner In Aerosol? Users please look inside.
I have a project in mine for a valve cover and I was looking for some info from you guys. I know I have seen a few people on here that have done it and I would like to do it myself. Meaning I don't want to send it out to be done or powder coated. I am pretty good at DIY projects. Especially when it comes to paint. So here are a few questions....

Do I use this with a high temp primer to keep it the life of the Bed Liner?

Can it be painted another color atop of the color it comes in?

Where can I purchase it? I.E Autozone or Advanced?

What Brand?

Any help is appreciated Thanx!
2008-07-04 16:28:17
You can paint over bedliner coatings, but keep in mind that the bedliner will be more pliable than the paint on top of it.

Wouldn't it be easier to just use a wrinkle paint or powdercoat?
2008-07-04 16:40:24
Well I have done spray myself with dupicolor rattle can and never had an issue. My plan was to use high temp primer 3 coats like I have in the past and then use the bed liner over that. Then any color of my choice on top of that.

I don't know what the exact difference is between the wrinkle that you are talking about and the bed liner texture. I would think that the bed liner texture would be more ruff.

Like I said I would like to do this myself to save money. I mean I have done this before and have never had an issue with Dupicolor pealing or chipping. I am always about prep.
2008-07-04 17:09:06
Whatever works man. Post some pis. I kind of agree with VS though. Seems like it would get cracks.
2008-07-05 02:10:45
Does anyone have an idea where I can get the in a can spray?
2008-07-05 02:58:32
Originally Posted by Sentrixx
Does anyone have an idea where I can get the in a can spray?

Generic finding in a Toyota Tundra forum.

Spray In Bed Liners vs. Drop In Bed Liners
This is one of those subjects which vary from owner to owner. This FAQ will
list the pros and cons of both versions, and Tundra owners can decide from

Spray In Liners - Pros
- Provides a non-slip surface
- Does not promote rusting or paint wear in all contact points
- Helps retain resale value
- Can be repaired by reapplication

Spray In Liners - Cons
- Can eventually peel off - leaving bare metal behind
- Can be punctured by tools or other sharp instruments
- Must be installed by a dealer or shop
- Dealer or shop will abrade the clearcoat and paint of the bed to make the
liner material adhere properly

Drop In Liners - Pros
- More durable than spray in liners
- Is harder to puncture through to the bed
- Can be installed by the owner

Drop In Liners - Cons
- Surface is slippery
- Can wear down paint in certain areas
- Rust and dirt accumulates under drop in liner
2008-07-05 03:04:47
Rhinoliner FTW. the spray on type is not as strong as the Roll on like Rhinoliner and nothing beats Linex.
2008-07-05 14:23:58
Yeah I found that info online early this AM. I think I'm going to hit up advanced later today and see what i can find.

I was thinking of that brand Flex Stone. And just painting another color over that. Seeing that its kinda of the same look I was going for.
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