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Thread: Noob AC, cv boots, oil pan parts questions.

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2015-10-01 19:40:02
The expansion valve is in the evaporator box behind the glove compartment.
2015-10-02 00:58:58
It wouldn't be a bad idea to go ahead a replace the condenser (radiator looking thing in front of radiator ) while you're in the system. Mine on the NX was clogged slightly w/20+ years of grit and grime that ultimately didn't cool enough...resulting in an over pressure situation the AC system did not like. This happened on the way to the 2014 convention. Can also be had on rockauto.

Also, I bought an oring kit from the shop I had convert my lines to R132a ...it was like $2 and had enough orings for d doing like 4 jobs...
2015-10-02 02:31:12
Originally Posted by Shawn
I am *guessing* this is the drivers-side, non-ABS, CV joint inner boot?
2015-10-02 12:02:48
Originally Posted by Shawn
I am *guessing* this is the drivers-side, non-ABS, CV joint inner boot?

Once again, I can find them on Rock Auto, but am having trouble determining which exact boot I need.:???:

On this specific boot you should get OEM. I bought an aftermarket one for my car and I had problems trying to get it to seal properly. No matter how many times i tried to secured with the clamp still leaked some grease. After that I put an OEM one and problem solved. The OEM kit has the boot, the clamps, "the correct grease" and amount of it. If you still want to try an aftermarket one this is the one you need:
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2015-10-02 12:29:28
I avoid these parts questions by calling Greg V. and getting what I need (OEM), or if he can't be sure he will e-mail me a parts diagram and I will tell him which part numbers I need.
As you've noticed, ordering from Rock Auto can be a little confusing.
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2015-10-02 12:35:00
I finally looked up the items on Rock Auto.

Originally Posted by Shawn
There are four (4) different (Nissan, 1993, Sentra, 2.0 liter) "AC drier/accumulators" on Rock Auto. Are they really all the same?
In essence, yes, they are all the "same". They are all going to bolt up properly and fit. The quality of each unit could be a bit different. If I were avoiding OEM, I would get the ACDELCO 1510045 unit.

Originally Posted by Shawn
They have three (3) different "expansion valves" listed (Nissan, 1993, Sentra, 2.0 liter). Should all of those shown on Rock Auto work with my car?
Same thing here. yes, they will all work. it is a matter of what manufacturer you'd like to go with, and what price you'd like to pay. While I would highly recommend OEM for this, if you want to go with Aftermarket through Rock Auto, I would probably get the FOUR SEASONS 39237 unit.
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2015-10-02 17:26:40
Always use OEM on the tri-shaped joint. The rest just will not fit correctly.

I can get part numbers tonight for the boot kit if I don't drink too much. Which will most likely happen.

OEM boot kits included a tube of grease, the boot, all C-clips for the axle end and also the straps to secure the boot to the axle parts. Pretty nice kit.

Found the old invoice.

39741-8U026 INNER BOOT, LH (SS 64Y25)
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2015-10-02 18:11:46
1) Remove oil pan, bang out dent, clean for days, re-install pan.

2) OEM only on the AC expansion valve and CV boot.

Check out this pic courtesy of Serban. This is B14 1.6 liter AC lines which do bolt directly to the right B13 AC compressor.

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2015-10-02 18:15:39
@Chriscar do you remember hitting anything hard enough to cause that oil pan dent? I *think* I'd remember. The first two times I have had to replace oil pans, I both heard and felt it when it happened.
2015-10-02 18:32:05
Did anyone else notice that when Mark Merliss and Justin St. Pierre replaced the low pressure line (that they allowed to hit the exhaust manifold) they did not bother to change out the drier?

I bet they didn't change the expansion valve either, let alone the condenser.
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