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Thread: Broken Axle?

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2015-09-16 18:01:17
Torquey 88mm VE smoked those splines. Both wheels moved in the same direction, right? i know remember when i rotated the wheels, they went pegleg style and spun opposite directions of each other. OEM green axles?
2015-09-16 18:04:36
Wheels moved in opposite directions. So it could be the diff? One is a green axle, other not sure where it came from.
2015-09-16 18:34:10
Or the splines are others have suggested. I had problems over a decade ago and I am remember more bits and pieces as I think about this thread.

I know I went from a B14 SE-R VLSD to a peg leg when I cracked my case and I am sure something else happened inside the transmission. I never took apart that trans, a friend of mine did and replaced stuff with other parts. I know I got a different case, my gears were ok, and I recall him mention that he did replace my VLSD unit with a lower mileage unit he had from his original B13. I know my axles were completely fine because I still have those exact same axles in my B14 now.
2015-09-27 18:19:15
In for updates.
2015-09-27 23:57:02
2015-09-28 00:01:48
so any update since the 16th?
2015-09-29 19:33:39
Me being lazy. I almost tore into it yesterday, then the couch grabbed me. Maybe tonight. I took insurance off and I have little motivation right now.
2015-10-01 18:31:07
Same thing happened to me thought I blew the transmission apart
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2015-10-01 18:34:48
Yeah I sheared the CV shaft on my old B14 before a mean deer took her away from me. Same symptoms everything looked normal but once I started tearing it apart and pulled the shaft out I saw there was no splined end on it. It was broken off inside the differential. I had to use a screwdriver from the other side to knock it out of the diff. I still have it laying around somewhere with a transmission shaft that had third gear forcefully removed while beating a mustang.
2015-11-22 15:59:13
Turns out to be the axle. Broken splines. Time to find another axle and get it in storage.

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