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Thread: Keep blowing lower injector oring

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2015-09-09 18:12:49
Keep blowing lower injector oring
Holy crap I have an issue here.

It all started after the yearly inspection. I was gonna swap the stock DE 259cc injectors for the larger STI 505cc injectors. #4 lower oring kept blowing everytime I primed the fuel rail. After 7 retries, I gave up and ordered refurbished 800cc injectors with fresh orings since I need more fuel delivery anyway.

Same #(/&% thing. #3 lower oring keeps blowing everytime I prime the rail. I've tried;

-Using nothing on oring
-Using motor oil on oring
-Using silicone spray on oring
-Using vaseline on oring
-Twisting injector while installing
-Popping it back and forward
-Swapped orings >5 times, from previously working injectors.

Help! Nothing seems to work I was thinking I'd remove the whole rail, and use compressed air from now on to test it. I've spilled so much fuel during these two nights, my head hurts really bad I always rotate the engine with the sparkplugs taken out after a failed attempt, this shoots the fuel up the sparkplughole.

Any trick I'm missing?
2015-09-10 17:27:21
Solved it. I unbolted the whole rail and used compressed air to pressure test it. Suddenly it worked. I have no idea what solved it, but the car is running again, so I'm happy
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