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Thread: Looking for decent 14" tires to go on NX wheels?

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2015-09-09 16:29:45
Looking for decent 14" tires to go on NX wheels?
195/55-14 and 205/50-14 seem to have gone out of style with the exception of track tires. I can't seem to find these sizes on any internet retailers.

Does anyone have any ideas?

2015-09-09 16:43:39
There's been precious little available for us in 14" for years now. If you're looking for a name brand UHP tire, there's the 185/60-14 StarSpec and that's IT.

The Miata crew is in the same boat, here's one of many threads on the topic.
Help needed in replacing Dunlop 195/55 R14 that arn't made anymore - MX-5 Miata Forum

If you upgrade to a 15" wheel, there's a world of fantastic 195/50 & 205/50 rubber available.

2015-09-09 16:57:56
I was afraid you were going to say that...

Hoping to go without wheels for now so maybe some 195/60 on NX to cover the ADV22's and fill out the wheel wells on Hyperco Gen2.

Unless you can offer any better solutions on the cheap my wife wouldn't notice...
2015-09-09 17:03:43
Discount Tire Direct has a promo going on now, and they carry the Azenis in 195/60-14

Tire Details - Discount Tire Direct

2015-09-09 22:24:07
I thought the nx2000 wheels were 15s... how quickly I forget now that I no longer have NX wheels.. lol
2015-09-09 22:27:25
Fifteens from the factory on a B13? Now you're just crazy.

2015-09-09 22:48:19
^ yeah, after having 4 sets of 200sx SE-R 15" b14 wheels sitting around forever, I just quickly forgot about the 14" wheels of the b13 I guess.. doh
2015-09-09 23:57:57
BFGoodrich*g-Force Super Sport A/S (H- or V-Speed Rated)

What kind of driving/weather are we talking?

I had a set of those BF Goodrichs on NX wheels for a couple years. I really liked them honestly. They were not nearly as grippy as Azenis but for a year round tire I thought they were great. Better road feel than Azenis. Lasted longer and had better grip than cheaper falken tires and other cheap tires. They were nail magnets like no other tire I've had but could have been pure coincidence. Looks like with the promo they are 260+shipping. When I had them a few years ago they were almost $100 each.
2015-09-10 02:09:58
BFG Super Sport > Azenis every G-D, M-F day of the week.
2015-09-10 03:27:08
For my first NX I had 2 sets of NX wheels. One set with Azenis and one set with various all-season tires. That worked great at the time because I did a few autocrosses and used to go out fun-driving a lot and would have shredded even more all-seasons. By NX #3 I was not autocrossing or driving hard much so the BF Goodrichs were perfect at that time.
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