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Thread: This is going to be my dumb noob questions thread

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2015-07-11 02:20:43
Originally Posted by morgans432
Originally Posted by MudPuppy
Originally Posted by zeneffect
didn't know you were so partial to useless sound deadening, heavy unseen bars, worthless spare tires, heavy batteries, etc. there is a ton you can do to lighten the vehicle without impacting comfort.

Well I have already started on the heavy unseen things, removed the brace piece under the steering column already & will probably go through the dash stuff at some point too.
Not sure if I want to get into taking out the sound deadening stuff under the carpet, from what I have heard that is a lot of work.
Neither of my Nissans have spare tires, jacks or anything in the back.
If I do end up carrying a spare I always carry full size, so that'd add a lot of weight.

Wouldn't mind taking out all of the airbag bs, but I haven't even begun to see how to do that if it's even possible without setting it off.

I use to always carry a fullsize spare, hydraulic jack and a toolbox plus spare clothes & whatnot. But have grown out of that habit.

why thats a great habit to have always be prepared with these old econoboxes.

I thought so at the time too, driving my old Maverick and fox body Mustangs back in the day. Got out of the habit when I got my first (& last) new car years ago. Need to get back into that habit. Maybe not a whole toolbox this time around but more of a specialty tools bag & maybe a smaller hydraulic jack or a bottle jack instead.
2015-07-17 21:37:56
So after the huge ordeal and drama over stock fans. I finally get a set that fits the aftermarket radiator I have. Go to put it all in today, and the radiator must be thicker than stock, cause my stock passenger side fan WILL NOT fit in between the radiator & the header AT ALL. And the drivers side fan we had to remove the tin can box mounted on the block (connects from crankcase to block).
I have about 4 fingers width to work with on the passenger side (in between the radiator & the header).

Also in other news found out I need an obd1 air compressor. Or change out the obd1 lines for obd2.... either way, need either an obd1 air compressor or obd2 AC lines.

So I guess my ONLY option is slim fans now... but I know NOTHING about slimfans. Like what diameter is best for a DE, airflow, or any other technical stuff... NOTHING.

SR20de w/AC
Looks like I will need 2 slimfans... and I NEED as cheap as possible.
I have already spent more than planned (after getting robbed of the build $) on this car & all the stock fans, so cheap (no name brand) but good recommedations please.
Give me idea's oh knowledgeable SR20 people... Go
2015-07-18 00:55:14
This is going to be my dumb noob questions thread
Measurements I have to work with... Help?

2015-07-18 22:58:59
We talked in chat. Cheap fans that should get you on the road at least can be found from here: http://www.siliconeintakes.com/electric-radiator-cooling-fans/
2015-07-18 23:23:37
Yeah and thanks for that info in chat Ben.
I then ran out to take my measurements and jot them down to hopefully find out more info.
Seems like the thinnest (I am finding at least) is 2.5", guess that's the norm which is workable I think.
I think if I get 2 10"'s I should have enough room in between the fans for that sensor to not be in the way.
Been trying to do research on amp draw and blade types (curved vs straight, which most out there seem to be straight)... I dunno if any of this stuff matters, like I said I know nothing.
But came home from work to find that the electricity is out and it is widespread (heard a possibility it could be out for days) so it may be a long while before I can really do any research. And my cell battery is on its last leg already.
2015-07-19 01:26:41
Curved blades are quieter. I think that's their main benefit. They also flow a little bit more.
Amp draw is not going to matter. The stock fans draw more than anything you're going to install. Just wire them up the same as stock and you'll be fine there.

Like you said, two 10" fans ought to fit anywhere, and be enough. Really, it's the ducting at the end of the day that's most important. But if you just need to get on the road, go with whatever you can fit and then make it better later if you have to.
2015-07-19 14:49:29
I am still not sure why you are still having fitment issues.Are you trying to install the radiator with the fans already on it?
I put the radiator in first,then the fans on one at a time and no issues
Heres the clearance with the same radiator,stock fans,and Ebay header(TriY)
2015-07-19 15:12:18
Radiator mounted then put on the header after seeing the space (how little there was) we had to work with then added (or tried to) the fans.
It is cheapy eBay header (4-2-1) if that makes any difference, maybe it sticks out more or something.
2015-07-19 19:29:15
This is going to be my dumb noob questions thread

2015-07-21 06:15:30
Holy christ, this radiator fan stuff is everywhere.

Thought I'd throw in my 2 cents as I own a NX and over the course of 6 months ending about 6 months ago every single bit of my cooling system was replaced. Last Winter sucked...
I had the stock fans until last, I even needed to cut at the fan blade to keep it from eating up my 02 sensor wire. The fan ended up dying, I needed one ASAP. Advance Auto has some Imperial fans, they are alright. I bought the 12", picked it up in the store for $45.49, used the radiator fan connectors donated from a Honda Civic as the Primary fans (Driver Side) has the connector mounted on the motor.

You can't actually see the connector in that picture, I have it tucked away on the left ... those are all other things. lol I've never got around to mounting a second fan, it is not really ever needed if I'm honest. I could have sworn there was a chart in the FSM showing this but for the life of me I can't find it. Basically the only time it uses the second fan is when the A/C is on (I don't have A/C) or when it gets to such an insanely high temperature you already have other serious issues you should be worrying about.

Advance Auto also sells the same fan in 10" form. Buy it through their website and use the promo code TRT30 and pick it up in a store, it will come out to $39.41. Cheaper than what BenFenner linked (by about 50 cents) and you don't need to wait for shipping.
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