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Thread: oem sr20vet mls head gasket

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2015-05-24 16:38:56
oem sr20vet mls head gasket
has anyone had ans sealing issues with a new oem sr20vet head gasket? the head gasket sat in the package it cam in at my shop for a couple of months and I am using arp2000 head studs (from mazworx) I torqued down in sequence first round 45 ft lbs and second round 65 ft lbs but the water and oil was mixing and when I pulled the head off it seams like the gasket isnt sealing so just from other expirences has any one had any issues with these gaskets?
2015-05-24 18:08:22
was the block/head decked, or checked for flatness? I havent had any issues with sealing on these MLS gaskets, but I have always made sure block and head were flat.
2015-05-24 20:52:20
I've never had any issues with that gasket. Ran well at 28psi.....
2015-05-24 22:12:15
oem sr20vet mls head gasket
The block was not decked but I'm gonna check it to make sure the deck is flat it was already check when I put it together and the head was resufaced so that's gotta be flat im just gonna go with. New gasket cause my old one sat around for a bit thanks for the response guys
2015-05-25 00:59:35
Mine's holding great.
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