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Thread: Cam install problems

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2008-06-29 02:11:46
Thanks, after that do I look at the marks on the crank pully then?
2008-06-29 02:24:42
Originally Posted by TH1
Thanks, after that do I look at the marks on the crank pully then?

You have to look for both. As you turn the crank.. look for the chain links.. and make sure they line up with those dots. When they do.. you are at TDC. Then once that happends.. look at the 1st lobes that are on the cams and turn the crank a little more to the left or right to make sure that those lobes are going complete oppsite ways from each other. As you can see in that 2nd pick I posted.. the lobe is faceing towards the from of the car. Once those are in place.. Zip tie the chain down again in 3 spots. Put on zip tie on every other link for there links. Meaning... empty hole/zip tie/empty hole/ziptie/emptyhole/ziptie.

That way you get a good tie down and nothing moves.
2008-06-29 02:31:16
Ok, why am I re-zipping? Won't I be done once I'm at tdc and I can re tension the chain? Or do I need to do something else. I'm sorry for all the questions I just want to get this right so I don't blow anything up. You really do help noobs .
2008-06-29 02:47:39
easier way - i know because i just had to do this twice last weekend.
set the crank pulley to tdc compression. you find this by setting the crank to the line 2nd from the left. youll know if youre at tdc compression by looking at the cams and seeing all 4 valves in the up position. at this point, your intake cam dowel pin should be facing the 10 o'clock position, if its not, get it there. the exhaust cam dowel pin should be facing the 12 o'clock position, if its not, get it there.
the chain cannot slip off of the crankshaft pulley because theres no clearance for it to do so. once you have all of your dots lined up, install the tensioner and rotate the crank pulley. youll hear and see the tensioner let go and tighten. at this point, slowly spin the crank to make sure your valves are not hitting the pistons (they wont hit if youve got the cams lined up correctly). once the chain is fully tightened, spin the crank backwards and line up all of your marks again to verify. install the cas or dis and youre done.
2008-06-29 17:40:19
Free beer at 1709 N 2nd st sheboygan , wi. See you there. (bring car knowledge). lulz. jk.
2008-07-01 06:04:09
Thanks guy I spun the chain around a few times and then the 2 black links lined up perfect with the dots, and there were 20 pins in between. Didn't hear anything hitting so I bolted everything up and drove it around the block. Seems like its running ok now. My vc gasket is leaking a little but I ordered another one. BOOOOOSSST!!!!!!!!
2008-07-01 18:58:01
Awesome.. Welcome back!
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