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Thread: 1st gear pops out?

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2015-02-25 03:59:37
1st gear pops out?
hey everyone , my first gear started to pop out of place and into neutral . what does this mean? all other gears are fine.
2015-02-25 13:42:08
It probably means your engine mounts are toast. You should inspect them.

Another easy thing to check is the shifter rod mounts and clearances. Maybe there is a hunk of clay stuck under there causing issues or something.

If that is not the case, then it likely means your 1st gear dog teeth are chewed up, and you're better off swapping in a cheap used transmission to fix the problem.
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2015-02-25 23:54:53
all mount were replaced last year. tranny mount is OEM. errrrr you're gonna have to give me some directions on how to get to the shifter rod mounts.and possibly pictures just to know exactly what im supposed to look for,

damn swap? i rebuilt the tranny , put 15-20k on it. . car is a 2001 sentra SE

idk if this helps but , it always felt like when i put it in some gears , it wouldn't go all the way in.
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2015-02-26 00:40:23
Oh, then it is a cable actuated shift mechanism... I can't help with pics or descriptions of that. I've not dealt with one personally.

And engine mounts are much less important on a cable-shifted box.

You're probably going to find that the internals are to blame.
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2015-02-26 01:39:38
I could be wrong but I thought the 2001 Sentra SE still had the shift rods on a 5 speed.
2015-02-26 13:09:02
I don't know man!

If that's the case, then just get under the car, remove the cat heat shield, and have someone move the shifter around so you can see if 1st gear puts things in an interference pattern.

Also, since it's a B15 box, it is probably a good bit more expensive than a B13 or B14 box to replace, so repairing your own transmission might make more sense in this instance. It will require a press and many specially sized plates and drifts to press off and on all the gears on the stack to get to 1st gear.
2015-02-26 13:52:07
If you do have to replace the transmission, I'd look for a P11 trans (much nicer gearing for highway driving)

..but if it was me, I'd just use 2nd through 5th and leave it alone IF it is actual damage inside the trans (gear teeth missing type thing)
2015-02-26 20:48:42
Just rebuild yours with a p11 fd.

Edit: since you rebuilt the tranny, maybe you out something in wrong. Take the trans out and inspect?
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2015-02-26 22:20:31
2001 Sentra SE with SR20DE has a 5 speed, rod actuated shifter selector.

No cables involved @BenFenner

That had me going like....

2015-02-26 23:41:43
Originally Posted by Keo
Just rebuild yours with a p11 fd.

Edit: since you rebuilt the tranny, maybe you out something in wrong. Take the trans out and inspect?

* more like i WENT to get the tranny rebuilt.

damn i don't wanna spend more money . my car keeps needing fixing and fixing. in total i put in @ least 8k just fixing it . not to mention the REAR Beam that i got welded might brake again one day. or the engine might not last as long ... i got my engine and transmission rebuilt at the same place . if the transmission already is having problems maybe the engine is next. the head gasket manifold already got replaced because it broke somehow.
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