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Thread: Not another ignition timing question...

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2015-02-04 02:50:32
Not another ignition timing question...
Well, i replaced my timing chain and timed it correctly by setting the crank to TDC. Then I matched timing marks on cams (10 & 12 position) and chain markings. I read somewhere that after 4 revolutions the timing marks match again but i haven't been able to match them after 6 revolutions. Im just paranoid with ignition timing since i suck at it. if i set it right the upon installation of the chains i should be good to go right? I don't want timing to be off then having to replace a head because valves broke off and damaged pistons/wall. Do not have funds at the moment to be experimenting lol
2015-02-04 02:56:26
If you have rotated the engine over with how you have the timing chain, then you will not have valve to piston contact. Pull the spark plugs and get a piece of coat hanger and slide it down in the number one cylinder so that there is like 6" visible above the head, easier to see. Bring the motor to TDC and use the 10 and 12 method and count the teeth between the marks.

Heres a good quote:

Originally Posted by ashtonsser
LOL, dude ive been doing this a long long time. Im not that young but yes maybe younger than you. But ive built and built and built SR after SR and if the timing chain is off one tooth on the crank you are talking about 15 deg or so. Which is highly noticeable on both checking with an extension down on the piston and looking at the cam sprockets and where they are supposed to be at. The dowell pins are supposed to be at 12 oclock exhaust and 10 oclock on the intake. The 12 oclock on the exhaust is the easiest to eyeball. If you have even one tooth off on the cam which is about 7 deg or so you will still easily be able to tell its not exactly at 12 oclock on the dowel pin. Once you have the exhaust perfectly at 12 oclock count 20 pins on the chain over to the next dot. You have to have 20 pins inbetween. If you do then you know your intake cam is at the right position as well and the cams are timed with each other and the crank.

2015-02-04 03:05:57
lol i read that earlier too, but for some reason it makes more sense to me now... just checked timing is all good to go! does it matter if the distributors is removed?
2015-02-04 03:29:38
Nope. The distributor key is offset and cannot be installed 180 off in a fwd.
2015-02-04 03:45:43
Thanks for the help!
2015-02-04 10:08:27
It takes a hell of a lot of revolutions to get the marks on the chain to line up again. If you had everything set as per the FSM you will have nothing to worry about.
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