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Thread: 2015 New SR20 products

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2015-02-16 15:58:05
Here's the problem with this forum. When somebody makes a post on the forum, majority of the time, there is at least one person who posts that we shouldn't "spoonfeed" said person. I agree with that, to a certain extent. A thread was simply made in this case to see if any new products were coming out and we have a group of negative nancy's that are always knocking people. Where was he wrong in doing that? Im confused.
2015-02-16 15:59:33
it's going to be like the Suspension thread where Shawn put all that hard work into and people still don't want to read trough it.
2015-02-16 16:01:23
Originally Posted by Keo
Originally Posted by Chriscar
Dude, he's not asking you personally for anything. He's not some noob who just joined, asking where he can buy a sweet turbo kit for $100, and use his stock injectors.

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^See that? That mean he deserves a little respect.

Let's change focus from this being one guy with a question, and use it as a jumping off point to think about the bigger picture.


I usually respect everyone until they want to be spoon fed which is what I though he wanted off the first post and first post only. I originally ignored it because of that. honestly Chris, i dont see that being a GOOD reason to respect someone, just because they been here a couple of year and made a few post don't mean they know what they are talking about or support the forum/community. Another member and I got into it because he posted pictures of a b15 coilovers and said it was for a B14 then mention that he's been on here since the mailing list like he's better and know more than me because of that. I don't know everything and have no problems saying that, but I don't act all high and mighty just because I've been here for a while.

edit: feel free to start another thread about "how we need to treat our member" I dont want to clutter this guys thread anymore.

Keo, I dont know you personally but you are a respected member here on this board and I think we can both agree that's a little far stretched from the truth. There are definitely members on this board who think they are royalty because they've been a part of the forum for years which I find funny
2015-02-16 16:05:00
The difference here is that the Suspension and Manifesto are somewhat static. Once they're created, they get added to intermittently.

This is more like the What's New section of a catalog, which acts as a consolidated index to all the changes.

2015-02-16 16:07:00
Keo, I like that you liked dganic's post. That's awesome.

2015-02-16 18:51:43
Holy crap what happened here? I was just defending the OEM ignition system. I also said I was glad new ideas were out there to make new things.

I apologize if I came off rude. Wow! This turned bad quick.
2015-02-16 19:32:11
2015-02-16 19:34:11
I was trying to get banned and it didnt work out lol!
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