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Thread: What should I do next?

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2015-01-19 01:32:40
Originally Posted by DxPxE
LOL well it seems pretty clear to me that s4s and atleast springs and retainers are a good choice for you as you will definitely take full advantage of them up top in the rpm. and drive shaft is out of the question till u decide on the tranny i guess so the only other thing i can suggest like i said are supporting mods like maybe a engine oil cooler with a thermostat if your gonna be ripping on it that high of a rpm all the time itd be good to keep the oil a little cooler for the bearings. Also maybe a water/meth kit? both of those will never get old and will help you run more hp safely.

Oil cooler with a thermostat has been thought about, but I kind of pushed it out of my head for some reason. Need to look into ordering one.

Water/Meth injection I haven't thought about. I need to do some research on that, not really sure how they work.

This is my first turbo car lol, I'm about 4-5 months into it. I'm used to modded 1000cc street bikes and 195mph on the limiter in 5th gear. So I need a good bit of power to keep me interested.
2015-01-19 05:46:18
Get the water meth system it's a great bang for the buck (I love mine) when you pushing some boost. If you want to go faster look at your suspension, For some really good 60' times get some new KYB's for the rear and throw the stock springs back in. Get some drag raidals and setup the 2step. You should be able to get your 60's really low and your ET too.
2015-01-23 04:43:07
Ok I have decided that my next purchase for the car will be a MAP sensor, IAT, and EBC solenoid. Going to take full advantage of the Nismotronic software.

Hoping that being able to control the boost will give me better traction at the track, spinning through first and when I shift into second is slowing me down. Going to run a little less in 1st gear, and on the initial shift into second.
2015-02-16 00:21:31
Ok well the next step has snowballed into a big project lol. I ended up buying a top mount t3/t4 setup from a member on here. Scored some STI injectors off Craigslist for $75. Still have to buy oil feed/return lines, tial wastegate, iat, and map sensor. I already installed the injectors and got it running right. I say within 2 weeks my car will be converted to map and bigger turbo. Can't wait for dragstrip to open next month.

Trying to figure out what to do about the oil lines. I was told I needed a -4 feed line and -8 return. But no clue what fittings to get for the end or what to do about blocking off my coolant lines.
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