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Thread: Car Lunges Forward And Doesn't Hold Idle

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2015-01-07 18:35:22
Car Lunges Forward And Doesn't Hold Idle
Hey guys,

My car was fine this morning, but I drove it a couple of minutes ago and it lunges and sounds like it's about to turn off.

It seems like there isn't much power or getting enough gas. It basically feels like I don't know how to drive 5 speed. I was thinking that this might be a fuel filter or gas pump problem. Any ideas? I also left it on, opened the hood and it shut off.

Thank you for any help!!
2015-01-07 19:53:36
Let's go with MAFS?
2015-01-07 20:07:31
Do you think there would be any other possibility? I also have a knock sensor code, but it's been there for months and not triggering a CEL or causing problems.
2015-01-07 20:09:49
Any other codes being thrown besides the knock sensor code?
2015-01-07 20:52:29
That's been the only code for the past couple of months.
2015-01-08 15:18:26
Got it fixed. Turned out that the plastic intake tube was disconnected from the MAF.

Thanks for your help!!
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