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Thread: Fuel pump options

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2015-01-04 03:38:32
Fuel pump options
I want to upgrade my stock pump.
I was planning on just doing a Walbro and call it a day,as I have had good luck in the past with them....,but I see there are alot more options out there like AEM,Aeromotive,etc.

School me...Please share your knowledge,and info regarding this. It is going on a VE ,but I would like to make it overkill in case it gets boost or juice later
2015-01-04 04:42:24
I went AEM 320lph E85 pump. My tuner guy has gone as far as 500whp on S2000's with it...
2015-01-04 10:18:35
The AEM are great, also have used the Walbro 255(currently have one spare) both will do the job.
2015-01-04 18:14:35
i personally use the aeromotive stealth 340 on everything i need to put a pump in
2015-01-04 22:14:28
Walbro 255 is def the pump to get if you want it cheap and simple

Handles my < 300hp VE-T with E85 just fine.. 2½ years since install now, and sounds just like the day i bought it
2015-01-04 23:58:54
Walbro sells an E85 model now and they also have the 400 series with high flow rates. Any of them are fine, just be sure to get genuine products. I do like the AEM 320 lph E85 pump and will be running that when I make the switch to E85.

2015-01-08 14:50:08
i forget specificallly which one i got, but i got it off of Mark....reading the reviews of it, plenty people like it. & rave about it...

my only concern is that it seems to pull MANY more Amps than the stock one does, or then a walbro does...so i may have to run new wires from the relay to power the pump....im afraid it might melt the tiny stock wires since they are like 22g or smaller
2015-01-08 15:13:22
I thought this also, I queried my mate who did my loom( u12 KA24-P11-144 SR20ve) he said it would be fine and it has. But if battery hits 11.5 volts no go...
2015-01-08 15:20:38
Yep, my Walbro 255lph melted the stock wiring after about 10k miles. Was running 26+ psi boost at times. I would suggest a fuel pump rewire if you upgrade to 255lph or higher. If your wiring goes under boost it could take your engine with it. I did a write up on this over on G20.net about it.

Pumps @ Idle
Stock G20 136lph - 2.9a
Walbro 255lph - 5.6a
AEM E85 320LPH - 11.3a
Last edited by Y2KG20 on 2015-01-08 at 15-23-11.
2015-01-08 17:04:09
Good to know @Y2KG20 !

I might rewire my fuel pump then, seeing it pulls x2 the original amperage.
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