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Thread: oil change or not?

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2015-01-01 07:06:11
oil change or not?
Hey people oil change is due ,about to be 3 months since last change but am 1500miles away from reaching the 3k miles for the oil change. Thoughts?
2015-01-01 15:42:27
I never gave any credence to the time. I always go by the miles.
Also, if it's any sort of good oil (full synthetic) then leave it in for 6k or 7.5k miles or more. It's still good.
2015-01-01 16:17:11
What brand and weight of oil are you using?

It really depends on your driving style and the type of oil used. Most modern oils are totally fine with extended drain intervals. If you typically do a lot of short trip driving you should change it more often. Older fuel injected cars tend to run very rich on cold start. Repeated short trips (especially in cold weather) will cause fuel to build up in the oil and moisture to accumulate in the crankcase.

All that being said... Oil is the life blood of your engine. It won't hurt anything to change it more often. Just make sure you take the engine oil and filter to an appropriate recycling center.
2015-01-01 17:08:43
5w30 valvoline conventional premium, usually only drive to and from work which is 22 miles round trip.
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