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Thread: swapped out DET for VE now i have 2 problems

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2014-12-25 00:48:35
swapped out DET for VE now i have 2 problems
hey there fellow sr20 guys,

:???::???::???:my friend is have 2 problems that we can't figure out. first problem is he swapped his DET for VE, dropped in and plugged up. But now we cant get any power at all.any ideas on that?
Second problem now, when some way gets power i can't hear the fuel pump and all we are getting is a clicking noise. We changed the ignition switch already and we get nothing. Any ideas on this problem?
If it possible to supply pictures of your ways to fix these problem that has us stumped.

2014-12-25 11:55:34
Go back through your set up and make sure all wires,grounds, ect... are connected tight and in the right location. Next check for fuel and spark. Make sure your fuel lines (feed and return) arent backwards, lastly take your spark plug wires our of the motor sit them on top the valve cover and crank the car to visually check for spark. Once you establish these two are working you can begin to narrow down components. If the car ran prior to the swap more than likely it is an error on your part. Go back over everything and let us know what happens. Good luck.
2014-12-25 15:53:42
...But now we cant get any power at all.any ideas on that?...

Proper ground from Battery to Chassi to Engine ???

Battery has a proper charge

(B13) - Fusible link good ???

Is this B13 or B14 or ???

Pics always help.

First thing I would be doing is getting the car to a point where the engine will turn over and go from there.
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