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Thread: Cruise on a 91 SE-R?

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2014-12-23 17:43:27
Cruise on a 91 SE-R?
Hey ya'll,

If I were to bring cruise control to a 91 SE-R (which never came with cruise), are these all the OEM items I would need?

Servo with cable hook-ups
steering wheel with OEM cruise
Pedal switches (1 for brake and 1 for clutch) with wiring.
2014-12-23 20:57:43
You will need the cruise control unit box and harness/wires. Nissan calls it ASCD aka Automatic Speed Control Device.
2014-12-24 21:21:06
Thanks. I'll check into it. It may be more of a pain than it's worth.
2014-12-29 15:59:08
It's not once you source the parts. With the steering wheel, you will need the contact ring also. As far as the pedal switches are, the clutch switch takes the place of the adjustment bolt that is there now. On the brake side, you will need to replace the pedal since the ear for the switch is not there. What I did was tap into the brake light switch for mine. Replacing the pedal was going to be too much work. You also need the cluster from a cruise car for the dash light, but the wires are not in the harness. You can either add them, or connect the wires directly to the bulb.
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2014-12-30 07:42:32
The ASCD relay is the one that is mounted to the side of the main ASCD box, and the ASCD switch is the on/off switch on the dashboard.

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2014-12-30 12:20:59
Wow. Awesome. Thanks! I'll look into this. @MCarp22, looks like you dove right into this! It's more complicated than I originally anticipated. Photos and wiring help big time.
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