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Thread: The B13 wiper Ghost

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2014-12-22 21:33:04
The B13 wiper Ghost
Ok I have this little problem with my B13 , at random times the wipers will just come right on, it can be a dry day they will just go off , when that happens the wipers does not respond to the switch at all. what is the cause of this problem, other than a aging chassis.? How do I fix it? I don't even know where to start looking for the problem. Small annoying problems like these make me want to sell this bucket.
2014-12-22 21:47:39
replace the wiper switch. there are a bunch of copper fingers inside that will corrode over time and will short out and cause random wiper madness, or wont work at all.
2014-12-23 18:23:14
Subscribed...Mine does it if the car gets extra hot... Very odd... I just pull he fuse for a little while and put it back in. I know its not the fix....
2014-12-23 20:18:58
Either the switch or the driver box. The driver box is behind the glove box, it will have the awesome lime green and pink wires along with others going to it. Check the grounds on the passenger side as well. My guess is your switch is wearing out.
2014-12-24 03:56:02
I was fighting this problem a month ago on my brothers B13.I swapped wiper switch with two other switches and it still would automatically turn the wipers on when ever you turned the key.We even tested another wiper motor with no luck.after about a hour of testing it stopped acting up .I think if it does it again we will wire a toggle switch in.
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