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Thread: I need your help my friends.

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2014-12-23 00:25:37
The fuel injectors are top feed. If it helps I don't mind swapping them for something that will suit The gt35 at ~10psi on a 've in a side feed?
2014-12-23 00:26:50
Re: I need your help my friends.
Originally Posted by Mattick22
@canx2k Andrew, Can you use any FMIC piping from a B14/GTiR application?

Also if you see anything in my classifieds let me know and ill ship it out to you.

Or if you need a tranny saver core let me know.
@Chriscar you'd know best, do you think it would work?
2014-12-23 00:30:59
@Boostlee Get that map sensor doo-dad, and if ebay has to ship to you, you get it and ship it direct to Andrew. I'll paypal funds to cover it. Hell, I think I still have your paypal addy.
2014-12-23 00:36:23
And for the Official Record in this thread, Andrew protested vehemently, sincerely and very humbly about this little fix-it crusade of mine. Just like I knew he would.

I over-ruled him and threatened him with flying to Canada and whooping his young ass.

No one can blame a man for not wanting a big scary Viking invading Canada. It could destabilize North America.

So, we're doing this.

2014-12-23 00:57:15
@zeneffect has sti injectors an plugs in a ve rail he'd let go for a good price.. I know the injectors are only 520 but it would get ya on the road..
2014-12-23 03:04:53
Andrew, I ordered two sets of NISMO valve stem caps so I could see which looked better on my car. I know it's hard to believe I went with the all black ones.

I'm sending you the extra set.

They add an extra 5 whp.

Because NISMO.
2014-12-23 04:54:22
Unfortunately, I don't have any of the items on the list.
2014-12-23 05:50:34
I have a boost gauge.... Send me your shipping info...
2014-12-23 05:55:23
Originally Posted by ny5speed
Unfortunately, I don't have any of the items on the list.

No sweat my friend. I appreciate you looking.
2014-12-23 13:09:13
Just a suggestion on maybe saving a few bucks, what about someone in the states collecting all the parts then shipping all at once to him. Seems to me like it would prob save a handful of paper in the long run......just a suggestion
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