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Thread: I need your help my friends.

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2015-03-31 02:35:49
Originally Posted by canx2k
I gots an extra special thank you and news brewing Shawn et all, stay tuned tomorrow

...........Sooooo, is the news that will be revealed is that you will finally get a chance to punch Chappy in the nuts tomorrow?
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2015-04-02 13:25:01
Nope. Better.

For the past three trepidatious months, we (my wife and I) have been praying and waiting for two things. One has happened already. The first ultrasound. The baby is bouncing around.

For those who don't know, my wife and I lost our son to Zellweger syndrome, a life limiting genetic disorder that causes the body's metabolism to shut down and Weston simply stopped breathing on June 4th 2014. A red flag while he was in the womb was the catatonic nature of his body (was not active, and outside the womb, very floppy when you picked him up) - So you can understand our joy when we saw that this child was so much more active than our last, it may mean good news on the genetic issue (25% chance of having another with the same issue). This causes us a great deal of hope thinking that our new baby won't suffer the same short life that our first did (5.5 Months). We have the amnio in 3 weeks, and 10 days to get the results.

So you can imagine further our joy when we had the FIRST ultrasound EVER in our lives (one miscarrage and one full term) that was GOOD news (all looked normal). I'm overjoyed. Thank you all for your prayers and support. 2014 was the hardest year of my life bar none, and in little and big ways, you have all been there for me.

This year is turning up better, and I think I will be able to come down for convention - with a stop over at Marsh to take the car up a notch, then blasting the hwy with Shawn down for the meet. I'm extremely excited. It's all coming up Millhouse! I'd say I'm coming down for the cars, but really I'm coming down for the family. And I'll be bringing Quebec beer for y'all. Hope you got the stomach for it!
2015-04-02 16:21:28

Awesome news, great to hear, Andrew! Congrats to you and your wife!
2015-04-02 23:45:20
That truly is excellent news! We are very happy to hear and will continue to pray for you and yours!

I look forward to meeting you at the convention....ShawbB too! Beers will be had!
2015-04-03 11:18:29
Canx2k so sorry for the loss last of your child.

That is very good news of a new baby. Good thoughts for both you and your wife.

2015-04-14 04:43:26
Excellent news Canx. We have 2 healthy boys and consider ourselves extremely lucky that they came ... so easily.

Shawn ... this is a wonderful thing. Just recently had time to get caught up here.
*thumbs up*
2015-04-26 19:46:14
Three words for yall: HEALTHY BABY GIRL. w000000t!
2015-04-26 20:14:26
2015-04-26 20:22:00
2015-04-27 03:24:57
Originally Posted by canx2k
Three words for yall: HEALTHY BABY GIRL. w000000t!

WOOT indeed ... congratulations.
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