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Thread: I need your help my friends.

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2014-12-22 18:28:34
I need your help my friends.
I need your help in fixing a wrong-doing.

Your fellow forum-member and my good friend Andrew (@canx2k) got ripped off in our Classifieds recently.

His turbo project is now on eternal hold and that is unacceptable to me. He's had a difficult year beyond my imagining, and he is the last person on earth who deserves this shit.

I think that together we can fix this for our friend Andrew.

I'm got a list below of what he needs to finish this build.

I have never negotiated nor asked for a discount or deal from anyone on this forum. If I call you about something, your item is already sold at full asking price. However, in this case please consider some good-buddy, brother-in-law pricing on these items.

Andrew must approve the item cause I am clueless. It does not have to be pretty, just 100% fully functional. So yap on this thread with Andrew and post pics or whatever.

I will then pay-pal you for the item and shipping and you ship it to me, and I ship it all to Canada.

Any donations of any kind on parts or shipping are certainly appreciated, but do not leave yourself short. That would be counterproductive and I don't want that so don't be shy. I will happily pay for good-buddy deals and thank you profusely.

So dig through your parts boxes and search your shop.

Needed Parts: Updated 01/21/15

1) Marsh Tuning. A fuel rail for the ethanol semens deka 850cc injectors (14mm I think, even though he claimed they are 980cc)

2) Shawn B with a Vibrant unit. Done.

3) Boostlee three (3) bar map sensor scored on Ebay. A very generous and welcome donation to the cause. Arrived at Shawn B's shed for staging.

4) Andrew got welded locally. Exhaust housing for the t35 because one is busted and one is a 4 bolt OR simply a 3" flexpipe with a 4 bolt would fix that problem.

5)1fastser has us covered for oil hoses and fittings. Arrived at Shawn B's for staging.

6) daveracer with water lines and fittings being donated to the cause. Thanks Dave. Arrived at Shawn B's for staging.

7) BenFenner found the bracket/bolts that hold the turbo to the exhaust housing. Arrived at Shawn B's for staging.

8) Miko tranny saver bracket Shawn has one right now. Shawn (Mark M) to swap fancy custom tranny bracket, Andrew to get Miko bracket. Done.

9)Kleensleeper. boost gauge. But thank you eric96ser for the offer. Shipping direct to Andrew (Canada -> Canada, eh).

10) Mattick22 taking care of the IC piping. Arrived at Shawn B. Thank you sir.

11) Speedricer with an NX seat bracket for the cause. Cause Andrew needs a seat in his car. Arrived at Shawn B's shop for staging.

Post up on what you got, discuss with Andrew here on this thread, I paypal you the necessary funds, you ship to Shawn B, I ship to Canada, eh.

I can't fix everything is this world, but with your help my friends we are going to fix this.

Shawn B
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2014-12-22 18:34:58
was hoping i'd have something on the list, but i do not

thats really cool of you to put this thread up to try an help our buddy out. i'll keep my eyes peeled.
2014-12-22 18:44:15
@marksr20 @eggman @happynole @SE-Rican @Boostlee @Kyle @coach @daveracer
2014-12-22 18:46:21
@canx2k @BenFenner @Jimithin7000
2014-12-22 18:49:19
@Mattick22 @TrackJunky82 @Chriscar
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2014-12-22 18:56:10
@canx2k Andrew, Can you use any FMIC piping from a B14/GTiR application?

Also if you see anything in my classifieds let me know and ill ship it out to you.

Or if you need a tranny saver core let me know.
Last edited by Mattick22 on 2014-12-22 at 18-57-38.
2014-12-22 19:02:34
Are those injectors side or top feed? I have an oem rail sitting around if that will work. I wish I had something else to donate to a fellow member, Canadian and victim of such a piece of expletive deletive. I was also took by chapman a couple years ago on a harness I had purchased from him. Never brought it up as I should have because I was very new to the forums,I learned my lesson but could have prevented it happening to someone else possibly! Dave
2014-12-22 19:03:06
I have a Spearco boost gauge and Autometer pod.
2014-12-22 19:23:36
@ny5speed @vqman @mirrortints @Keo @Serban
2014-12-22 19:31:49
On it!

I pmed him about the MAP sensor and awaiting a response

I may also be able to dig up some intercooler piping, Just need to know the lenghts and specs on what he needs!

I also have a EGT (with probe) and Oil Pressure gauge (Autometer, Mechanical) if he needs those he can also have!
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