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Thread: Car not running

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2014-11-19 15:13:19
Car not running
So I'm having some problems with my car I just went through swapping it. When I turn the key to start it I can hear the starter and relays, fuel... Etc. But won't crank over.
Any ideas?

2014-11-19 18:27:55
Could you be any more vague? What did you swap? What did you not connect properly? How can you hear the starter but its not turning over?
2014-11-19 20:00:57
What was the reason for the swap, did you do it yourself, and did you verify the condition of the motor prior to installation? Anytime I do a swap, I crank the motor over with the starter and check compression while on the engine stand before installing it to avoid problems. If you just took a motor and threw it in, it's hard to say whether it's a starter problem, ground issue, seized engine, or whatnot. You'll have to go and test everything and eliminate things one by one.
2014-12-07 15:57:34
Yeah - there are a bunch of things it could be, depending on on what was swapped.
2014-12-08 03:55:15
2014-12-11 02:25:09
Car not running
Not cranking over? Well first things first put a socket on the crank pulley spin by hand (RACHET or beaker bAr) if that spins then that's good make sure starter is connected properly and check for your grounds you should have your main harness ground on the back of the plenum (3wire) then make sure you have your main batt ground which should connect to engine and chassis and then there's your third ground on pass side right off the alternator sub harness check those up if all checks outs make sure that starter is good but deff more detail is a plus if you want some help
2014-12-14 01:30:56
Every basic step is checking air, fuel, spark then move on to timing. if timing is off 95% of the time ECU will alert you by "check engine" light. In detail Check MAF, Vac leaks, Fuel injectors, Fuel PSI, Fuel leaks, Spark, Distributor, ign wiring, and just for sh*ts and giggles compression test if available. More information would be a lot more helpful for us to help you, just as previously stated above.Hope you get it.

*Side note: i just reread your question and is it not cranking, turning over, clicking? click - Check electrical, if you hear starter but nothing it could be loose or gears not catching crankshaft in turns means you have a bad starter or gears are grinder down.
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