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Thread: SR16VE lsd gearbox compatibility

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2014-11-14 03:08:06
SR16VE lsd gearbox compatibility
Hi Guys,

Just a simple question. I have been trying to look for this info, but failing miserably.

What SR turbo engines will the SR16VE lsd gearbox straight swap onto i.e. direct bolt on? GTiR? Avenir? U12? U13?

Thanks gents.
2014-11-14 05:03:55
All that you have mentioned, don't expect to have any traction though. Lower FD on a turbo is not the norm, at least on this forum. Good choices are the P11 LSD and if you can piece it together the Spec V 6 speed LSD transmissions. Check out the Turbo section on the forum for more info.
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2014-11-14 07:42:48
Expect 3rd gear to go if you are pushing any decent power.
2014-11-19 00:21:24
True that on that SR16 tranny.....
2015-01-02 05:00:20
thanks guys. Just needed some info on the compatibility, thats all. Because I wanna build a simple b14 engine and tranny combi for a daily driven car. No upgrades, just stock with a trustable gearbox that could last a while. i.e. SR20 GTIR, Avenir GT4 or u13det coupled with a SR16 lsd tranny. Quick off the line, and equal distribution when in boost. The only upgrade I would most probably do is an up boost & fmic (for the gtir) with AFC or emanage to improve fueling. Thats about it.

Scenarios would be good 1,2,3 acceleration off the line, and random rolling boost 3,4,5 till i see 200++kph.
2015-01-02 05:01:35
but I will consider the sr20 2wd lsd gearbox as well, but these parts dont come by easily.
2015-01-02 12:01:07
I had a GTiR motor that had a boost controller, FMIC, Apexi AFC and Z32 MAF and my N15 LSD transmission lasted 50-ish miles before 3rd gear decided it didn't want to live anymore and committed suicide. However, that being said, I am not the most gentle driver so some of it may have been my fault.
2015-01-04 18:28:33
with that i would use an oem ser gear box.
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