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Thread: sr20de+T Not starting

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2014-11-04 19:08:57
sr20de+T Not starting
It was running fine the past 3 days and now it doesn't want to start. i was curios if anyone has ever heard a buzzing/horn noise coming from the TB or in that general area? if so what were your problems/solutions. I've checked the MAF, IACV, IAC, and tps, they are operational.


T25 JB, JWT 370cc inject turbo 9:0:1, 370cc inj, 53j01 MAF, 1.5in IC piping, and No a/c
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2014-11-04 19:17:53
try reaching out to @se200. very knowledgeable guy in orlando
2014-11-04 19:22:01
Thanks, ill try doing that.

Scratch that I think the iac went out on me.

Forget what I said about the iacv. It's still doing it.
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2014-11-05 00:11:06
Has anyone had issues with the Walbro fuel pump after a year? Shouldn't there be a consistent flow of pressure rather than it sputtering?
2014-11-05 00:22:50
lots of fake walbros as made and tend to go out in around a year.

if you think fuel psi is an issue go to autozone and rent a tester.
2014-11-05 00:26:20
If voltage is applied to the fuel pump, then you will have constant pressure. I Would suggest 're moving the spark plugs, pull the fuel pump fuse and crank the motor. And make a recording of that.
2014-11-06 01:23:41
i got it to start up with the MAF off and some starter fluid. ....... i was not able to locate a vacuum leak and yes i did use a vacuum leak tester. once it started it made this noise and it started making that hissing noise a day after i Turboed the SR.

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