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Thread: need help with swap I just did

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2014-10-25 03:07:22
need help with swap I just did
I need some help. I just did a motor swap in my 92 nx2k and Im running into a few problems. One is the coolant temp sensor It has the plug on it with one wire that's cut and I'm trying to figure out where that wire goes to harness? also the motor I got from soken motors It's the sr20de just like the one that came out but on that manifold it doesnt have a plave for the egr like mine did that i pulled out of the nx. I got everything plugged in besides a plug that is on the right side of the of the ijector harness it doesn't reach very far and I have no open plugs in that area can anyone help? The car will crank but it won't start any help is appreciated.
2014-10-25 04:00:16
Japanese motors don't come with EGR systems like the US market SR20s do so you won't have the provisions for them on the manifolds. Without the EGR hooked up you'll have some leftover connectors on that side of the engine bay. Make sure your fuel lines aren't swapped, that you have the return line coming from the fuel pressure regulator and the feed line is on the filter line. Not sure what you mean by the coolant temp sensor wire being cut, usually the coolant temp sensor connector is a red connector with locking wire that has two terminals. Got pics?
2014-10-25 04:15:30
My fuel lines are hooked up right i have the line from the fuel filter on the top line of fuel rail and the other on the bottom. I just took a pic let me see if i can post it
2014-10-25 04:32:06
well I cant add a damn picture I don't know why
2014-10-25 04:39:24
Yea I dont know how to post a pic sorry man
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2014-10-25 04:48:06
It's next to the plug that is to the left and just above the oil filter. there is a 2 wire plug thats plugged in and then there is that small black plug that has one wire on it and i have no idea where to wire it.
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2014-10-25 16:18:06
Is your knock sensor plugged in? if it is then you're looking at the plug for the sender for the temperature gauge on the instrument panel. This isn't a necessary sensor to hook up, this is just to transmit a signal for the needle to display the temp on the instrument panel. The two-wire red connector is the one that's important.
2014-10-25 16:23:21
yea knock sensor is plugged in. Ok thanks i won't worry about that temp sensor then
2014-10-25 17:01:24
just pulled the distributor cap and #1 and #3 tabs are completely gone so hopefully thats why it wont start gonna go try and get another cap
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