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Thread: Airtex/Wells IACV (2H1247/2H1244) Question

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2014-10-21 01:23:59
Airtex/Wells IACV (2H1247/2H1244) Question
Would there be a difference in IACVs for an Auto trans vs. Manual trans?

I am looking to order a new IACV and have found a cheaper 2H1244 (Auto trans, according to RockAuto.com) unit compared to the 2H1247 (Manual trans) unit.

Will I be ok running the Auto trans IACV in my Manual 93 SER or should I just fork up the cash and get the Manual trans one?

LMK when you can guys.


aka hawaiiaNX
2014-11-04 20:19:17

Anyone have an answer?
2014-11-05 00:48:48
should be the same bro..
2014-11-05 13:29:52
I thought they were the same, even between 1.6 and 2.0 however [URL="http://www.courtesyparts.com/kb_search_result.php?keywords=[22660M]+\%28B13&cPath=2490_2491_2492_2505"]Courtesy lists different PNs[/URL]

Maybe @Kyle has some insight?
2014-11-05 18:04:28
Lots of jdm de are auto an people dont seem to have any issues tho?
2014-11-06 16:59:31
Originally Posted by 1fastser

Maybe @Kyle has some insight?

2014-11-08 00:38:38
Right on. Thanks guys. Might just bite the bullet and get the manual trans one. Can't think of any reasons why transmission selection would mean anything to an IACV though. Trans type has nothing to do with intake air. Thoughts?

I guess as long as I get the unit with the spring inside I should be ok, correct?

aka hawaiiaNX
2014-11-08 19:15:39
There is slightly more loading on the engine when in Drive, as opposed to idling in park and neutral, don't see why the same IACV cant accommodate for that though. I have used IACV from DE on the VE and there was no apparent issue, I have taken them apart and no apparent differences, I didn't measure the coil resistance tho. I really don't see the reason for different part numbers.

The VE IACV was an auto unit and all you ppl use a completely different ECU to drive it, and use manual bins/ecus as well, those ecus were meant for a completely different IACV part number? So it probably doesn't matter. The part numbers u got posted up could just be a different revision of the same part, only the last digit changed, usually if there is a "real" difference there will be changes in the whole number. At least with the OEM part numbers.

But if in doubt and for peace of mind, if you can get the right part for a few dollars more, why not?

just did a search on ebay to look at pics, i know the pics are not always right.



edit: the angle from the front was throwing me off, looks about the same, insofar as physical fitment goes.
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2014-11-08 22:01:10
Get the cheaper IACV.

You can manhandle the parameters for idle control pretty severely, and still have the engine running.
Look at all the parameters regarding idle control in NEMU: NismoTronicSA Help - IDLE Tab They can be set very off and still run great
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