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Thread: Think You Have a Bad Clutch Cable? One Thing to Check 1st

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2014-10-16 18:31:40
I will take a photo of my used cable and post it here, but changing the cable did not fix my pedal effort so I must be missing something here....

The only thing changing the cable gave me was the adjustment back since the cable was slacked out as much as I could and has sat there for years.
2014-10-16 19:25:52
i beleive there are a few wearable parts in the pedal assembly too and i think one of them is a nylon bushing though i dont have one out to take pictures. i do have a 94 altima pedal i can go look at otherwise anyone who has completed there 6 speed swap can maybe hopefully chime in with some pics and answers on that
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2014-10-17 23:09:05
Originally Posted by 1fastser
Originally Posted by DxPxE
An added modification to that bolt would be to get another brass or aluminum bushing so you dont wear into the arm at all and can replace it as needed

Or a teflon bushing that can be found at your local hardware store...I used one like pictured below to on the striker of my old 240sx to fix the sagging door. Seems like a similar one would be ideal here as well.

That's not going to work. You're going to eat through that teflon bushing on the first clutch in. The point is to get a harden pin (harder than factory) so it doen't get marred/eaten up.

Follow Haulin200sx's advice.

Originally Posted by Haulin200sx
You sir are correct. I came to this conclusion years ago. At one point I started drilling out the pin for a small grade 8 bolt n nut.

These pins get eattin away so easily and bam shitty clutch before you know it.
2014-10-18 01:11:04
^Wasn't sure but thanks for the clarification.
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