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Thread: Trying To Track Down A Couple Of Oil Leaks...Need Help.

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2014-09-18 18:33:54
Trying To Track Down A Couple Of Oil Leaks...Need Help.
Hey guys,

I have driven my car around 1300 miles since my last oil change and it looks like some oil is leaking. I checked it today and it was halfway between the L and H on the dipstick, so I'm trying to locate where it is leaking. The distributor looked a little gunked up, so I cleaned it to see if I can see any oil leaking from it and right below it where the EGR tube comes out of the exhaust manifold I see a lot of oil buildup, but is the only thing that can leak from that area the distributor? Also, underneath the oil filter there is some oil buildup and I was thinking it was the PS pump since it is in the area, but my PS reservoir has been empty for a while so I don't think that can be it. Can the oil filter mount cause a leak or is there anything else in the area that might leak?

The car doesn't seem to drip any oil on the ground either, which I find strange and the valve cover doesn't seem to be leaking much either.

Thank you!!
2014-09-18 19:48:28
oring on the dizzy will cause the leaks by the egr you speak of and drip down to the trans bellhousing eventually.

I also had a leaky oil filter mount...it was actually leaking through the metal...as if it was porous or something...wierd.

Anytime I am looking for oil leaks I try to clean and dry off the areas really well with brake cleaner then just put the car on ramps and let it run while I am under it .....seems to work pretty good for finding the source of the leaks.

heres a thread I started
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2014-09-18 20:10:55
Thank you for the link!! The area where it is leaking is a pretty tight fit, but I'll try to clean it up a bit more.
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