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Thread: Poor NX never gets any love.

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2014-09-09 02:37:18
Poor NX never gets any love.
I posted this on facebook,but I know theres some guys here who are not on ther so here is a story you may enjoy...

You guys will get a kick out of this...I did....especially NX owners since our cars never get much love outside our community.
So anyway...
I took my nx on a roadtrip to the Tampa,FL area over the weekend to see family.The area I was in is pretty nice so theres alot of cool rides around...
My nx isnt anything really special,its lowered,tinted and has a set of aftermarket wheels...looks ok from 50ft..lol..but overall,its a 20 year old daily driver...but no beater by any means.
While I was sitting at a traffic light in traffic,I notice a nicely modded g35 coupe across the intersection.car was tastefully modded so I was lookin'...lol
The driver is pointing at me and nodding as he talks to his passenger as if he knew me or the car or whatever....I dont recognize them.
So I am thinking to myself"wow,maybe that dude knows what an nx is?" or "maybe he owned one before ,and is like wow I havent seen one of those in a while"and other things like that.
They looked a little excited considering they were in a pretty cool car already(in my opinion anyway)
I was actually sorta waiting for a thumbs up or nod or something...lol ...To which I would have returned happily.(because we all know if he had ever owned an nx ,it deserves a thumbs up...LOL)
...The light turns green,and as I start to take off,I glance to my right and theres an R35 GTR sitting next to me,that I hadnt noticed as I was processing the whole g35 thing and looking over there!!
So yeah,I am pretty sure I know what those guys were talking about...and it wasnt my nx..mwaaa,mwaaa,mwaaa!!!:
2014-09-09 03:24:24
I still wish I had one. I officially gave up
2014-09-09 03:32:12
@White steve fro CT understands...LOL

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2014-09-09 03:56:59
Lmfao getting mad love on Facebook and Iam not even on it it crazy
2014-09-09 04:02:02
But I feel yeah on this the nx will always be that car that will never get that love it should
2014-09-09 04:19:54
As the saying goes when the light turns green.....Smokem.....
2014-09-09 04:41:14
2014-09-09 14:19:36
It's sort of like when you think the pretty girl is waving at you...and then you realize Brad Pitt is standing behind you....doh!
2014-09-09 14:51:35
I took mine in to get an alignment yesterday (it's just a 1.6 though, so definitely nothing special) and the dude drove it & looked it over, pulled me in & pointed out a rear control arm being bent, right inner tie rod being bad & my oil pressure switch slinging oil everywhere... then had the gall to ask me why I bought it
2014-09-09 15:52:20
at this point i'm pretty sure an nx is more rare than an r35 gtr. they may have been looking at your car.. both the g and the gtr.

ive seen 2x nx ever on the road... and well over 100 gtr.
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