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Thread: 98 Sentra honeycomb grille on a 98 200SX

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2014-08-24 04:10:01
98 Sentra honeycomb grille on a 98 200SX
Is there any reason why you would need to cut the 2 bottom clips from the grille? Will it not fit on the 98 200sx if you don't cut those pieces off? Today I bought a used sentra honeycomb grille, paid only $2.00 for it . It fits as it is right now, but it isn't clipped in on the bottom. Just the 3 clips on the top is holding it in. Should I leave it as is or should I run zip ties on the bottom part? It looks like it would have fit just fine without cutting those pieces off. Don't know why the guy had to cut those off.
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2014-08-24 04:20:12
Just found out the guy had this on a 97 200SX. I guess those 97's were a little different from the 98's.
2014-08-25 04:23:54
98 and 97 200SX's are quite different front end wise. The bumper is different, on the 98 the headlights are notched and "crystal" - the grille is a full plastic piece with a opening at the end
2014-08-25 19:53:34
95-97 the bottom tabs where slightly different than the 98/99. You Can either grind off the bottom tabs, or if its the OEM 2 piece, you can remove the honeycomb mesh (which has the bottom tabs on it) and put your own mesh in there, and just attach the top.
2014-08-25 21:54:43
Yeah take it from me if you have one or the other, converting is not that easy, you will have fittement issues, nothing that some zip ties can't fix, but it wont be perfect. (put a 98 grille on a 97)
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