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Thread: love my Nissan's!!

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2014-08-14 14:48:10
love my Nissan's!!
I went for a ride last night just before dark,, it was Not a planned ride but the sun was going down at the right moment so I took off thinking I'm only going around the block but it turned out to be a 15 minute cruise up the rode..

On my way back I had some trouble... freaking clutch cable decided to snap in one of the worse places to bet all!!.. barely managed to roll off the hwy without hitting anyone, I parked my car at an entrance of a camp ground and walked up to let the manager of park know I'm temporarily broke down and before I could get 4 words out of my mouth he states that he don't give a shit about that and the car has to be removed in a few minutes or he was going to have it towed.. I was thinking what a dick..

Remember this was not a planned ride so I left my phone at home and my doors unlocked with my xbox sitting in a pre-game lobby. lol .. needless to say I was not happy and I was extremely nervous to leave the car sitting there while I went for a phone.. I got a hold of the closest friend in the area to come and help, I was just going to tow the car back to the house and fix it there based on NO tools and NO part to fix it on the side of the rode and to beat all NO light..

I got back to the car a few minutes later and was siiting there wondering how the heck am I going to rescue my poor Nx from this break down.. I got to thinking about the past wondering if this was the car I purchased a new cable for or was it the other car.. popped the hatch and went to feeling around for something I thought just might be there,, Sure enough I had a BRAND NEW Nissan cable ,, woohooooo.. Now the hard part was doing this with NO light and NO tools.. turns out my friend shows up, he does Not own auto tools except for a Phillips head.. and a cell phone light,..

I fixed my ride on the side of the road with a screw driver and pretty much NO light, I had to shine it up under the dash and remove the light to get up in there to just to feel around and get and understanding where the cable goes,, LOL.. THANKS to Nissan for building a car with a lot of thought!! the B13 is such an easy car to work on I'm SO happy to own them!!..

just wanted to share a happy story!!
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2014-08-14 15:36:26
I keep a spare clutch cable in my trunk for years. That happened to me once years ago. Since them, I don't leave home without it
2014-08-14 15:49:13
it has happened to me before but luckily for me that I know how to drive my car without using the clutch pedal
2014-08-14 15:56:02
yeah, I had NO choice with limping it back to the house, traffic was heavy and I had No where to go but off the side and simply stop.. I will be putting another cable in the car for the future.. lol
2014-08-15 03:12:05
....hmmm,I wonder who suggested putting that spare cable in there??
...LOL it also saved me from having to go rescue your ass an hour away though
2014-08-15 06:27:44
I also drive with a spare cable back there. Not taking any chances. I've had them break in the middle of no where at 8pm on a sunday, and in the middle of rush hour traffic in a major city. NOT fun
2014-08-15 09:48:30
Lol no choice? I drove 100 miles through LA and the inland empire with no clutch then 350 miles back home back through traffic (went on the shoulder a few times for slow ass traffic / stop and go lol gave myself plenty of room to not have to stop). You could always do it just not easily lol :P
2014-08-15 13:03:58
^^^^^ would have if I could have,, but I really have no desire to trade paint with anyone .. lol I'm putting another cable along with a few tools in the car.. funny I haven't had,,,, never mind.
2014-08-23 00:52:27
Yeah, I think everyone with one of these cars should learn how to drive without a clutch.
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