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Thread: Are we sure regular SR20DE engines don't have piston oil squirters?

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2014-08-06 18:38:16
I dislike drama which I supposed would be counter-intuitive to most folks reading my posts on this forum but once ya know me in real life, yeah it's true.

It is amazing how subjective my objective posts can be interpreted when there is zero context to help the reader. We are all weird in our own ways.
2014-08-06 18:45:22
So what's the point of this thread?

2014-08-06 18:45:56
Dunno, move to off-topic unless we get some photos?
2014-08-06 18:51:35
Originally Posted by Chriscar
So what's the point of this thread?

To make sure I have news for the community, and not olds?

Maybe @Andreas Miko told us all about it in 1997? Wouldn't be the first time...
Last edited by BenFenner on 2014-08-06 at 18-53-20.
2014-08-06 19:08:55

2014-08-06 19:58:00
I think sasquatch told him where the oil squirters were on the DE.
2014-08-06 20:20:45
I just saved 15% on my car insurance not switching to geico
2014-08-06 20:30:01
hahaha... so someone built a DE utilizing a DET block and oil squirters perhaps?
2014-08-06 22:29:39
I don't think so Chris. I'm pretty sure this is something that's been sitting right under our noses this whole time.
2014-08-06 23:08:53
Nothing seen on this DE

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