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Thread: sr20ve swap in b13/14

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2014-08-01 12:34:53
sr20ve swap in b13/14
Hi Guys,

I am currently quite puzzled with wiring & ecu where engine swaps are concerned. I am planning to get a B13/14 and swap the engine to either sr16ve, sr20ve or sr20ve 20v and with this package, i want to add a snail to it. As far as mechanics goes, I have a rough idea of what I need and stuff, but when it comes to electronics and ECU, this is where is gets confusing.

In malaysia, what we do is we buy the whole front cut (halfcut) and swap everything. Example, a P11 with sr20ve 6speed cvt/ N15 sr16ve 5speed LSD transplant into a b14/13 will include, whole transplant of engine, gearbox, harness & ecu and dashboard(only for b14). This is done by the mechanic. Now, if i were to go turbo, which i want to, i would need a programmable/tuneable ecu. I have read the forums, and what you guys do is use the original wiring and plug in a programmable ecu, i.e. calum, jwt, nismotronic for either a b13/b14, obd 1/2 etc etc.

My original plan was to get either a b13/14, get a VE p11 halfcut, and my mechanic will do the conversion. but since i wanna go turbo, ecu is gonna be a problem for me. My only option (AS OF NOW) is to stay with DET, i.e. a GTiR and reach my power goals from there, as Nistune already has daughterboards for those ecus.

The other way is to swap a VE head with a GTiR. But now i will have injector impedance issues, distributor, vvl activation and god knows what other sensors.

Please help me out here. Thanks guys.

2014-08-01 13:27:52
The best thing is to go ve.
Get the swap properly functional then work into turbocharging it which is a pretty simple process mechanically. The tuning is what is.

People go with plug in chipped ecu but personally I don't believe in such. Full standalone I'd go with. You can run external coils ect. Various types of sensors and go maf
2014-08-02 16:48:44
when you standalone, does that mean I will have to rewire the whole engine harness as well? of you mean drop in an aem ems as an example? Well i could do that as well, but will it support any of the VVL harnesses connector (p11,12 or n15) as a direct fit (even if i use aem's plug and pin kit or Patch/Extension Wiring Harnesses kit)?
2014-08-02 17:17:42
im not really sure what people are doing over seas but here in the states we use the sr20de engine harenss and sub harnesses as well as sensors in your ve.

we use the stock USDM ECU's with a daughterboard installed allow us to tune them.
2014-08-03 09:37:46
well, i can assure you thats what we do here in malaysia (engine and wiring transplant). Ok, let make it easy. Since more parts are available in the US, Lets just say I get a car, which already has :-

SR20DET from a GTiR or U12/13 or Avenir with its respective harnesses, can I now slap a 20ve head on it, and run the GTiR..etc..etc.. harness with a aftermarket ecu or chipped ecu? will all the connectors and sensors (i.e. TPS, Distributor, injectors) from the GTIR..etc..etc.. head match the VE head?


SR18DE (n14,y10), SR20DE (u13,u12,p10,p11) with their respective harnesses, can I fit a sr20ve complete motor and use those SR18/20de harnesses on that 20ve engine, and now run a aftermarket or chipped ecu?

keeping in mind, if its a chipped ecu i.e. JWT, Nistune, they will obviously cater for my modifications.
2014-08-06 02:16:11
Last option seems best
2014-08-08 17:00:22
ok noted!

last question, if i get a ve complete head bolted on onto a det(GTiR) block, assuming the harness is a GTiR. will the harness connectors fit the plugpoints on the ve head?? (yes i know the head needs machining for studs and dowel and an oil pick off)

thanks dude.
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