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Thread: Ignition System Upgrade question

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2014-07-28 23:36:20
Ignition System Upgrade question
So I've been searching for a while now on wich msd ignition box and coil to use. I plan on running a high horsepower setup and want something a little more substantial than the stock ignition for peace of mind and adding a 2step wouldn't hurt either . Any help would be great.
2014-07-29 00:26:26
U don't need aftermarket ignition for our cars up until a ridiculous amount of power. With that said. I ran a street power unit for the rev limiter and now have 6al-2. For rev limiter and two step duty.
2014-07-29 01:28:09
i plan on making 500+, do you run an aftermarket coil?
2014-07-29 03:21:52
What ECU are you running? If you are on a mechanical distributor you may want to start thinking quad coils and standalone.
2014-07-29 12:46:04
Nismotronic with DET ECU and run coil packs.
2014-07-30 02:04:49
Thats kinda what im leaning towards @squirlz...tuned stock ecu for now
2014-07-30 12:57:35
Originally Posted by boostedbs
Thats kinda what im leaning towards @squirlz...tuned stock ecu for now

For now? Once you get the Nismotronic ECU with Tunercode you will never need to change again. Even if you wanted to run the stock dizzy for now you can always swap the daughter board over to a DET ecu later and upgrade to coil packs. With what they are doing with the NEMU there is not much benefit from a full standalone ECU.
2014-08-01 04:59:08
Aem coils work pretty good.
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